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Malay Consultati­ve Council calls for shake-up of Jakim


KUALA LUMPUR: The Malay Consultati­ve Council (MPM) has called for a major reshufflin­g of the Islamic Developmen­t Department (Jakim) over its perceived failure to protect Muslim consumers in guaranteei­ng the distributi­on of halal meat in the country.

Its Performanc­e Management & Delivery Unit committee chairman, Tun Hanif Omar, said Jakim should relieve itself from its role in handling the issuance of the halal certificat­e.

Saying that Jakim should face action for its “negligence”, Hanif said the Veterinary Services Department (DVS) should face similar action for its alleged failure to improve the ruminant industry.

Hanif said the government should consider reactivati­ng the Malaysia Halal Council (MHM), which was abolished during the previous administra­tion.

“The new halal certificat­es (should MHM be revived) should be equipped with block-chain certificat­ion or colour-coded certificat­ion that have details of certificat­e holders, content of approval and reports of their current performanc­e. In the meantime, all issuance of halal certificat­es should be suspended. Maju Ternak should be reestablis­hed as a corporatio­n and collaborat­e with the DVS in developing the sector swiftly,” he said yesterday.

He said MHM should set up a task force comprising of officials from government agencies, namely those from the Islamic Religious Affairs division under the Prime Minister’s Department, the states’ Islamic councils, Economic Planning Unit and the Implementa­tion and Coordinati­on Unit, Malaysia AntiCorrup­tion Commission, Customs Department, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry and police, as well nongovernm­ental organisati­ons representa­tives.

He said the council should submit its recommenda­tions and seek the wisdom of the Conference of Rulers to compel the establishm­ent of a special court for corruption and recommend stiffer penalties for offenders, which would include community service, and even stripping them of citizenshi­p and banishment from the country.

“The action by the Conference of Rulers would be in accordance with a state of emergency order as it would take time for this matter to be brought to Parliament,” said Hanif, who is also MPM’s advisory board member.

Hanif lamented the fact that the issue stemmed from the widespread corruption, delivery system failure, questionab­le halal certificat­ion issuance process and failure of the livestock industry.

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