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How the Zionists hold the US to ransom


THE United States just can’t help being itself, even if it tries hard not to. There is a historical reason for this. But first, the here and now. On Friday, US President Joe Biden, just over a month in office, sent bombs into eastern Syria, claiming that the sites there are being used by Iran-backed militia. This from a president who wanted the world to believe that he, unlike his temperamen­tal predecesso­r, Donald Trump, is all about power of examples, not examples of power. We read your lips, Biden. Only thing is that we didn’t know your examples of power will show up this early. The Pentagon says the strikes are in retaliatio­n for a rocket attack on Feb 15 in Irbil, Iraq, where some American forces are stationed. This tit-for-tat retaliatio­n by the US and Iran isn’t going to bring peace to the Middle East. The question is, what are US forces doing on the sovereign soil of Iraq? The airstrikes on Syrian soil are clearly a breach of internatio­nal law. Where is the threat to the US? Some American legal scholars say the strikes are unconstitu­tional, too.

Now for the historical reason. The Zionist regime of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t want the US to return to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, otherwise known as the Joint Comprehens­ive Plan of Action (JCPOA), claiming, like Trump, that it is toothless against Teheran. Never mind that Israel is armed to the teeth with nuclear warheads and has a rogue leader in the shape of Netanyahu. The Zionists wouldn’t want Iran or any of the Arab countries to be so armed because this will stand in the way of Netanyahu’s land grab. One such land grab campaign in the West Bank by the Zionists regime in 1967 — which the then US president Lyndon B. Johnson wasn’t happy about — points to how Zionists in Israel will force the US into doing what it wants. During the Six Day War in 1967, when the American spy vessel USS Liberty was in internatio­nal waters off Egypt, it was attacked by Israeli bombers and torpedo boats. When the American vessel tried to summon help, the Israelis blocked the call. Napalm bombs, too, were dropped on the vessel. When American mariners tried lowering the lifeboats, they were pummelled with bullets. It appears that whoever gave the orders in Tel Aviv wanted Liberty to be sunk and the 294 crewmen with it. All in all, 34 were killed and more than 172 wounded, according to an Al Jazeera special report.

What’s worse, the Zionist regime crippled Johnson into inaction by getting the Jewish lobby in the US to threaten his administra­tion. Johnson’s administra­tion — like many American presidents’ administra­tions are — was so infiltrate­d by Jewish informers that every move of his had no chance of maturing into action. Tel Aviv wanted the US to pretend that the bombing of the Liberty never happened. Shockingly, Washington slavishly complied. The world never got to the truth until the veterans decided to break their silence. This is how cruel the Zionists are. All American presidents know this, including Biden. This is probably why Biden is killing the Iran nuclear deal by blaming it all on Iran. Netanyahu has gone public urging the US not to proceed with the JCPOA. Is Biden doing Netanyahu’s bidding? Has the US sold its soul to the Zionist cause? The Liberty’s tragic episode affirms so.

Is Biden doing Netanyahu’s bidding? Has the US sold its soul to the Zionist cause?

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