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‘Ubi getuk’ a Kelantan favourite in monsoon season

- Bernama

KOTA BARU: Each time the monsoon arrives, ubi getuk is one of the traditiona­l cakes sought after by the Malay community in Kelantan. Ubi getuk is made of boiled and mashed cassava, mixed with grated coconut, sugar and a little salt. The roundshape cake will be dipped in rice flour batter before being fried. Rakiah Mamat, 50, or affectiona­tely known as “kak Yah”, said she started selling ubi getuk two years ago at RM1 for four pieces. “There is a method to boil this cassava. You can’t lift it too early and you can’t overcook it because it will become soft. Once it is ready, the cassava must be pounded and this process is quite complicate­d. I used a blender but customers don’t like the texture. So now, I use this pounding method to get a tastier ubi getuk,” she said.

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