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WHO advises against blood plasma treatment


Covid-19 treatments using plasma taken from the blood of recovered patients should not be given to people with mild or moderate illness, the World Health Organisati­on (WHO) said yesterday.

Convalesce­nt plasma showed some early promise when given intravenou­sly to people sick with Covid-19.

But in advice published in the British Medical Journal, the WHO said “current evidence shows that it does not improve survival nor reduce the need for mechanical ventilatio­n, and it is costly and time-consuming to administer”.

It made a “strong recommenda­tion” against the use of blood plasma in people who did not have serious Covid-19 symptoms and said even for patients with severe and critical illness, the treatment should only be given as part of a clinical trial.

Convalesce­nt plasma is the liquid part of blood from a recovered Covid-19 patient that contains antibodies produced by the body after being infected.

It was one of the array of potential treatments investigat­ed early in the pandemic, but has shown limited benefit in clinical trials.

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