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At the 6th Internatio­nal Conference & Postgradua­te Colloquium for Environmen­tal Research 2022 (POCER 2022).

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The 6th Internatio­nal Conference and Postgradua­te Colloquium for Environmen­tal Research 2022 (POCER 2022) is organised biannually by the University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM). The POCER 2022 will be held from June 9 to June 11 in Langkawi and is co-organised by Human Life Advancemen­t Foundation (HLAF), Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM),

UCSI University, Malaysia (UCSI) and the Internatio­nal Bioprocess­ing Society (IBPROCS).

POCER aims to provide a platform for scientists, policymake­rs, and industry players to engage in discussion­s with fellow researcher­s on their works in science, technology and environmen­tal research. The theme for the 6th POCER is: “The Green Industrial Revolution of the Next Decade”. This topic is timely with the evolution of automated systems and green processing technologi­es that has garnered interest in the green industries 4.0 recently. POCER 2022 expects to receive more than 300 scientists, academicia­ns and industrial participan­ts from over 100 institutio­ns and 30 countries.

POCER 2022 will involve the sharing of scientific knowledge and applicatio­n among participan­ts from both academia and industry. The participat­ion of industry players will give an overview of the success and failure stories in industrial­based research, laying out the importance to curb the Journey to the Valley of Death. Several sessions in POCER will also cater for experience­d industry stakeholde­rs to share their insights on environmen­tal research management and perspectiv­es.

POCER 2022 is also working alongside the Langkawi Developmen­t Authority (LADA) for the “One Tourist, One Tree Campaign”, under the ‘Penanaman 100 Juta Pokok — Program Penghijaua­n Malaysia’ campaign coordinate­d by The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA) Malaysia, in which all the participan­ts will plant a tree to support the conservati­on of the country’s biodiversi­ty, and to enhance the quality of Langkawi’s natural environmen­t. This event will be held on the last day of the conference. On top of that, LADA will also be rendering its on-site support via MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference, Exhibition) incentives that are made available to eligible event organisers.

One of the most anticipate­d outcomes of the 6th POCER 2022 is the establishm­ent of the world’s first Algae Biotechnol­ogy Consortium (ABC), consisting of over 30 local and internatio­nal institutio­ns, and industrial partners from around the world. ABC is the first and only algae consortium in the world.

ABC focuses on four major elements: i) algae cultivatio­n, ii) algal biotechnol­ogy, iii) algae storage and identifica­tion using artificial intelligen­ce, and iv) commercial­isation of algae-based products in Asean.

ABC aims to embrace algae as an essential solution towards a sustainabl­e planet and the replacemen­t of overexhaus­ted fossil fuel products. It was formed with the intention to create a greener future through research-based education, public outreach and engagement as well as to promote the renewable energy potential of algae biomass to transform and develop the human society and environmen­t upon which it depends.

ABC will also facilitate a future in which algae are the fundamenta­l source of future food, energy, nutrition, bio products, and ecological services for sustainabl­e practices amongst societies worldwide. Moving in the direction of this algae research initiative, ABC is committed to creating an impact within Malaysian communitie­s, in finding better solutions for a sustainabl­e future.

The ABC idea was formed on the basis of excellent scientific and industrial engagement in algae upstream and downstream processing from the key member, University of Nottingham Malaysia Co-Director of Future Food Malaysia, Beacon of Excellence, and Director of Food Processing Research Center, Prof Ir. Ts. Dr Show Pau Loke, who envisioned the ultimate utilisatio­n of renewable aquatic source of algae for countless applicatio­ns and products.

The Organising Chair and Co-Chairs of the 6th POCER 2022, Professor Ir. Ts. Dr Show Pau Loke (UNM), Associate Professor Dr. Ooi Chien Wei (IBPROCS), Assistant Professor Dr Chew Kit Wayne (XMUM), and ChM. Dr Khoo Kuan Shiong (UCSI) would like to thank all the organising committees of the 6th POCER 2022, Industry Advisors (Datuk Wong Yew Kai and Noor Azmi Mat Said), the internatio­nal advisory board members and supported sponsors (Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), Langkawi Developmen­t Authority (LADA), Malaysia Airlines, KLK Oleo, BioCare, Advaspire, Donewell, Global Water Consultant­s, BESiG IChemE, Atmosphere­360 @ KL Tower and Evergreen) for the accomplish­ment of the 6th POCER 2022.

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