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As the first luxury multibrand tableware retail concept store i n Malaysia, Artelia’s curation of products focuses on one central theme – exclusivit­y. Walk in and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover so much more than what you came for. A brainchild of China Pottery and founded by individual­s who are passionate about design and craftsmans­hip, Artelia showcases the best dinnerware, vases, decorative chinaware, and other centrepiec­es for your home. Whether you’re looking for a classic design, or something quirky and eye-catching, there’s something to suit every taste at Artelia.


Known for producing t he finest quality of tableware ideal for relaxed dinners and elaborate affairs, Noritake has been an unparallel­ed force in the world of exquisite ceramics. With morethan-a-century history in porcelain production since its first establishm­ent in the village of Noritake, a suburb near Nagoya, Japan, Noritake has perfected the art of custom heirloom pieces and exclusive collection­s, with presence in top hotels, restaurant­s and airlines across the world.


Glassware expert LSA Internatio­nal was first founded in the fashionabl­e swinging ‘ 60s i n London by the Lubkowski family. Five decades on, t he traditiona­l craftsmans­hip of creating brightlyco­loured enamelware is kept alive using the original five materials – glass, porcelain, leather, wood and enamelled steel. Under the leadership of Monika Lubkowska-Jones, daughter of the co-founder Janusz Lubkowski, highly-skilled artisans are experiment­ing and pushing boundaries, particular­ly in the complex area of mouthblown glass, to produce unconventi­onal shapes and functional pieces for everyday use.


For the unconventi­onal is ts, Eisch Crystal is the only crystal glass in the world with SensisPlus, an exclusive technologi­cal breakthrou­gh in glass manufactur­ing. Transformi­ng one’s wine drinking experience, a wine maker or distiller’ s intention is translated within minutes of being poured into a SensisPlus crystal. Sense the layers and nuances; bold or soft, as your wine enjoyment is brought to new heights.

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 ??  ?? Haku
 ??  ?? Sonnet in Blue
Sonnet in Blue
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Light Metallic
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Cosmo Gold
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