Prestige (Malaysia)



British jeweller Graff is not only known for the superior quality of its gemstone engagement rings, but the house is also renowned for mountings that bring out the true beauty of the stones. The house revisits its popular Promise Setting to further enhance

light play through the diamonds. Thanks to computer-aided design, the setting minimises the amount of metal surroundin­g the stones, creating a seamless flow between the shank, shoulders and centre diamond. The refreshed, elegant silhouette reveals a

soft tulip shape and dropped top bezel. This adds a beautiful delicacy

to the front view, while the side stones are held by a sweeping bezel that transition­s into delicate claws.

Boucheron redefines the meaning of “precious” once again by employing an unexpected material to create jewellery. The capsule collection Jack de Boucheron Ultime combines the iconic Jack design with a material made by recycled industrial by-product, Cofalit. Used as filling material for highway embankment­s, Cofalit has the appearance of a mineral, which allows it to be cut and polished like a stone into the signature facetted Jack design. The line features a one-off white gold trio of a doubleloop bracelet, a brooch and a single ear stud combining Cofalit with pavé diamonds.

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