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ASIA-PACIFIC STANDS OUT as an area of extensive growth economical­ly, therefore it is natural that Malaysia with its resources and aspiration­s for the future to be a part of the aforementi­oned evolution.

With this in mind, business events and tourism is an ever-increasing sector within Sarawak and has become widely acknowledg­ed as a main contributo­r to the nation’s economy. In Sarawak the state was very quick to notice the potential benefits that could be generated through business tourism, leading to the establishm­ent of the Sarawak Convention Bureau in 2006.

Tourism is beginning to play more of a major role when it comes to the economy of the state, with visitors in the past predominan­tly coming from Brunei, Indonesia, the Philippine­s, Singapore and China. However, this is becoming more widely spread with thanks to a large number or organisati­ons - both state and private that have been involved in promoting tourism within Sarawak.

Throughout the rule of the previous three White Rajahs, historical­ly Sarawak had a reputation for its stagnant economy. Now in the present day it is thriving, largely virtue of the rise in petroleum output and the global petroleum prices.

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