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SARAWAK HAS MAINTAINED autonomy when it comes to immigratio­n control, ensuring that - mostly mainlander­s - are unable to immigrate to the thinly populated state of Sarawak. Even if residents are travelling from other parts of Malaysia they still require ID, so it is important to ensure you have some form of identifica­tion on you at all times when in Sarawak.

The majority of travellers to Sarawak will arrive by plane, with the largest airport being located in Kuching and the internatio­nal flights available include those to Singapore and Pontianak.

Due to the sheer size of Sarawak, travelling by air is probably the easiest form of travel when navigating your way around the state. The roads are especially poor by otherwise high Malaysian standards, again making planes the logical choice. A prime example would be when travelling between Kuching and Miri, which would take either one hour on a plane or 14 hours on a bus.

However, if you would prefer to stay away from planes during your time in Sarawak then the vast majority of cities are connected by express buses if you can handle the extensive journey. You also have the option of express boats which are set up from the coast inland, along Borneo’s larger rivers and provide a faster alternativ­e to buses and cheaper to planes.

When you are actually in the cities themselves, there is a plethora of ways to see the sites and arrive at your meetings with ease. Most cities have local buses and taxies which not only serve the city centres but also the surroundin­g suburbs.

 ??  ?? Kuching City by sunset
Kuching City by sunset

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