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Firstly, what is heel-to-toe drop? It is the dif­fer­ence be­tween the height of your heel com­pared to the height of your toes, as they sit in the flat shoe. Heel-to-toe drop can range from 0mm (which is a flat shoe) to 12 mm (which is very padded). It is es­sen­tially a mea­sure­ment for how fat or padded a run­ning shoe’s heel feels. It is thought that the lower the heel-to-toe drop, the eas­ier it will be to land on your mid­foot (or fore­foot) while run­ning. The things to remember when con­sid­er­ing this are:

(1) There is no ‘right’ shoe that fits all run­ners. Most im­por­tantly, a run­ning shoe should sup­port a strong foot. And, a strong foot comes from get­ting your biome­chan­ics right.

(2) It can af­fect the way your foot strikes the ground while run­ning, so avoid mak­ing sud­den and dra­matic changes to the heel-to-toe drop you cur­rently use. Any run­ning shoe should ‘feel’ like an ex­ten­sion of your foot when you run in it.

(3) Con­sider hav­ing a proper shoe fit at a spe­cialised store.

Should I work out un­der stress?

Ab­so­lutely! Reg­u­lar ex­er­cise re­duces stress hor­mone lev­els, such as cor­ti­sol and adrenalin, and in­creases the amounts of ‘feel good’ hor­mones (en­dor­phins, sero­tonin). Work­ing out will help you to deal with stress – both phys­i­cally and men­tally. Whether this be by gain­ing some soli­tude and ‘me-time’, by dis­trac­tion, or just by re­leas­ing the built-up ten­sion in your body. Many stud­ies have shown that con­sis­tent ex­er­cise can im­prove your cog­ni­tive func­tion, par­tic­u­larly your self-dis­ci­pline and your abil­ity to make fo­cused de­ci­sions (which can also be help­ful to al­le­vi­ate worry as­so­ci­ated with stress­ful sit­u­a­tions.

I’ve re­ducedy belly fat af­ter months of hard work. Now, how do I make it flat?

Firstly, it is im­por­tant to un­der­stand that hav­ing a flat belly is de­pen­dent on your age, body type, ge­net­ics, your body fat and your un­der­ly­ing mus­cle. There are only two of those fac­tors that you can work on; your body fat and your mus­cles! The rea­son many women never get toned is be­cause they for­get about the mus­cles that live un­der the fat. Remember tone = mus­cle + less fat. It sounds like you’ve done a good job on re­duc­ing your over­all body fat (in­clud­ing your belly fat). Now you need to in­cor­po­rate some re­sis­tance train­ing to build lean mus­cles. To ac­cen­tu­ate a ‘flat’ tummy, fo­cus on build­ing your ab­dom­i­nal mus­cles. Start off by us­ing your own body weight and slowly add weights to your work­out rou­tine. And, don’t stop at your abs, in­cor­po­rate re­sis­tance train­ing for your whole body. Don’t worry, I prom­ise you’re not go­ing to look like a buff body builder! By build­ing lean mus­cle you will find that you achieve that flat tummy and toned body.

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