Yoga poses to in­crease me­tab­o­lism

Lose weight faster with th­ese fat-burn­ing poses from yoga ex­pert, Kim­berly Fowler.

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It helps to in­crease cir­cu­la­tion by not only us­ing ev­ery mus­cle in your body but also twist­ing, which wakes up your in­ter­nal or­gans and aids in di­ges­tion. How to: Stand with your feet and legs to­gether. Be­gin to bend your knees and sink your hips down and back as if you were sit­ting in a chair far be­hind you. Bring your palms to­gether in front of your chest. Ro­tate your spine to bring your right el­bow to your left knee. Try to keep your chest lifted the whole time. Hold for 30 to 45 sec­onds and then re­peat on the other side.


This strength­ens the mus­cles in your legs and lower back while open­ing up your chest and elon­gat­ing your spinal col­umn. Like all back bends, Lo­cust pose boosts en­ergy and revs you up. How to: Lie on your stom­ach with your arms along­side your body, palms fac­ing up. Lift your head, up­per body, arms, and legs up off the floor. Keep your arms and legs ac­tive and look for­ward or slightly up de­pend­ing on your flex­i­bil­ity. Hold for 45 sec­onds be­fore re­leas­ing ev­ery­thing to the floor and turn­ing your head to one side. Re­peat three times

3. BOW

The Bow pose is a back bend that helps boost en­ergy and keep your me­tab­o­lism burn­ing strong. Bow also opens up and stretches the front of your body while strength­en­ing your back mus­cles.

How to: Lie face down on the floor and bring your hands along­side your body, palms fac­ing up. Bend your knees and reach back with your hands to grab your an­kles (Don’t grab your feet). Keep­ing your legs hip-dis­tance apart, lift your heels up and away from your body, which will pull your chest up off the floor. Keep your shoul­der blades down, away from your ears the en­tire time. Hold for 30 to 45 sec­onds and then re­lease, turn­ing your head to the side.Re­peat two more times.


In ad­di­tion to build­ing strong, lean leg mus­cles, Ea­gle pose en­er­gises the en­tire body and helps with di­ges­tion. How to: Start in a stand­ing po­si­tion and bend your knees slightly. Lift your right leg up and around your stand­ing leg and hook your foot and an­kle be­hind your left calf. Sink your hips down and back as if you were go­ing to sit on a chair. Cross your arms at your el­bows and wrists in front of your chest and hold for 45 sec­onds to 1 minute. Come out of the pose, shake out your legs, and switch sides


Cres­cent Lunge gets your heart rate up, which helps speed up your me­tab­o­lism. It also strength­ens your legs and stretches your hips.

How to: Be­gin in down­ward dog pose. Step your right foot be­tween your hands. Lower your hips into lunge po­si­tion and shift your weight onto the ball of your back foot, bring­ing your hands to your hips. Stay up on the ball of your back foot and

lift your up­per body so that you’re stand­ing straight up. Keep your hips squared the en­tire time. Bring your arms above you and reach for the ceil­ing. Palms should be fac­ing each other. Hold for 30 sec­onds to 1 minute and then switch sides.


Bridge pose is a gen­tle in­ver­sion that works with grav­ity to open your en­tire chest and shoul­der area. Be­cause the chest is lifted up to­wards the chin, the thy­roid gland is be­ing mas­saged. (Your thy­roid makes the hor­mones that reg­u­late your me­tab­o­lism.)

How to: Lie on your back with your knees bent, feet hip-dis­tance apart and flat on the floor. Reach down with your fin­ger­tips to see if you can feel your heels. If not, walk your heels a lit­tle closer to your body.

Press your weight into your feet to lift your hips up to­wards the ceil­ing. Keep your thighs par­al­lel. Bring your arms un­der­neath you and try to clasp your hands to­gether (Don’t worry if you can’t do it at first). Roll your shoul­ders blades to­ward each other and hold this pose for 45 sec­onds to 1 minute. Re­lease and roll slowly back to the floor. Re­peat two more times.


Plow pose is an in­ver­sion so it in­creases cir­cu­la­tion in your thy­roid, adrenal, and pi­tu­itary glands. This helps send out feel-good en­dor­phins and hor­mones through­out your body, bal­anc­ing your meta­bolic sys­tem. How to: Lie on your back and bring your legs straight up in the air to­wards the ceil­ing. Bring your arms along­side your body with your palms down. Press into your hands and lift your legs over your head.

If your legs do not touch the ground be­hind you, bring your hands to your back for sup­port. If your feet do hit the ground, then do what you did in Bridge pose and clasp your hands to­gether, try­ing to roll your shoul­der blades to­wards one an­other.


Shoul­der Stand is an­other in­ver­sion so it has sim­i­lar benefits to Plow pose. Plus, it’s a great stretch for your neck and up­per back.

How to: Lie on the floor on your back with your arms along­side your body, palms down. Bring your legs in the air to­wards the ceil­ing. Press into your hands to lift your legs over your head, com­ing to Plow pose.

Clasp your hands to­gether and try to roll your shoul­der blades to­wards each other. Bring your hands to your lower back for sup­port, make sure your fin­gers are spread wide. Slowly lift your legs to the ceil­ing one leg at a time. Try to get as straight as pos­si­ble by walk­ing your hands close to your shoul­ders. Hold for 1 to 3 min­utes


Fish is a counter pose to Shoul­der Stand that stretches the front of your neck. It has a calm­ing ef­fect on your body. (You can see why—most of us hold a lot of stress in our neck and shoul­ders.)

How to: Lie down on your back. Bring your hands, palms down, un­der your butt. Bend your el­bows and lean on them by press­ing them into the floor. Lift your chest up to­ward the ceil­ing so your back is arched. Bring your el­bows to­wards each other, as you did in Bridge and Shoul­der stand. Fi­nally, drop your head back to­wards the floor be­hind you.


Spinal Twist is a great pose to help stim­u­late you di­ges­tive sys­tem, which helps you lose weight.

How to: Lie on your back and bring both knees in to­ward your chest. Hold­ing your left knee into your chest, let your right leg straighten out on the floor. Bring your bent left knee across your body, keep­ing your shoul­der blades on the floor. Turn your head to look over your left shoul­der to com­plete your twist. Hold for 45 sec­onds to 1 minute. Bring both knees into your chest and re­peat on the other side.

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