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in­crease healthy vagi­nal bac­te­ria lev­els. So can pro­bi­otic yo­gurt—eat­ing it or, if ad­vised by your doc­tor, de­liv­er­ing it straight to the source. “If a pa­tient has a yeast in­fec­tion and is tak­ing oral an­ti­fun­gals, I’ll oc­ca­sion­ally sug­gest us­ing a sy­ringe or an ap­pli­ca­tor to place two ta­ble­spoons of plain, pro­bi­otic-rich yo­gurt into the vagina,” Dr. Mill­heiser says. (Again, check with your physi­cian be­fore try­ing this.) Many of us sit in sweaty gym clothes while grab­bing a bite or run­ning er­rands. “That cre­ates a warm, moist en­vi­ron­ment known to lead to the over­growth of Ob­stet­rics & Gy­ne­col­ogy re­ports.

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