“For me, well­ness in­cludes ther­apy, sleep, healthy food, and con­nect­ing to the earth.”

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“When I was 12 or 13, I grew four inches over the sum­mer, and I de­vel­oped ter­ri­ble pos­ture be­cause I was taller than all the guys and un­com­fort­able in my skin. Although I’ve be­come a lot more com­fort­able with my­self—I’m 178cm and a size 6— ev­ery­one has their self-doubts and in­se­cu­ri­ties. But as I get older, I’m learn­ing what it takes to love my­self fully through ex­er­cise, healthy eat­ing, and mon­i­tor­ing my in­ner voice in an ef­fort to keep it pos­i­tive. By self-pri­ori­tis­ing, I feel health­ier, more cen­tered, and there­fore more con­fi­dent. I’ve come to love my height. Tay­lor is a bit shorter than I am, but I’ll put on those four-inch heels and be 188cm!” “I’m very close with Milo [ Ven­timiglia, her co- star on the show]. He has al­ways spo­ken highly of his trainer, Ja­son Walsh, so over the hia­tus be­tween sea­sons, I thought, I’m go­ing to treat my­self and work out with Ja­son. I feed off the en­ergy, ac­count­abil­ity, and mu­sic in a class, but if I have to drag my­self to a ho­tel gym when I’m on lo­ca­tion, I usu­ally “I’ve al­ways had a healthy re­la­tion­ship with food, and I feel lucky in that re­gard. But I’ve adopted a greater gen­eral aware­ness of my diet in the last few years. I’ve be­gun chang­ing what I eat and look­ing at food as fuel in­stead of as grat­i­fi­ca­tion or a re­ward. I re­cently had a blood test that said I had celiac dis­ease, but af­ter a biopsy, they deter­mined I was just gluten in­tol­er­ant, so I tend not to have it in the house. I am a huge fish fan, though. I could eat some form of salmon just about ev­ery day. My fi­ancé and I are big snack­ers. We make salmon bites by cut­ting up the fish, smoosh­ing it all into balls, adding in herbs, and rolling each one in crushed cashews. Then you cook them in a pan. I also love nuts, nut but­ter, berries, al­mond flour, and al­mond crack­ers. And I eat a lot of hard-boiled eggs. I don’t de­prive my­self; I eat well to feel good, not to look good.” “Be­ing a part of this show is my great­est ac­com­plish­ment. I hope it’s a good, long ride. I feel so hum­bled by the mag­ni­tude of the work that I, along with all th­ese tal­ented ac­tors, am lucky enough to do. It’s the once-in-a-life­time sit­u­a­tion that ev­ery ac­tor hopes to find. Play­ing Re­becca [Mandy’s char­ac­ter on the show] at vary­ing stages of her life, from her 20s to her 60s and ev­ery age in be­tween, there’s never a day I show up and think, I’m just gonna coast. There’s al­ways a lot of food for thought.”

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