QHow can I train my­self to have the en­ergy to work out first thing in the morn­ing?

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You just need to shift your clock. Be­gin by set­ting an alarm for bed­time—for a time that’s ear­lier than usual. It may take your body a week or two to make the ad­just­ment, but begin­ning your slow­down rou­tine ear­lier will get you sleep­ing sooner and prime you for the morn­ing, so you’ll have the en­ergy to get out of bed and rock out! It may still be dark out­side when you wake up, but lean into its peace­ful­ness: You’re one of the first peo­ple to en­joy the day. You’ll come to sa­vor that time. I prom­ise.

What if you’re stuck at a weight no mat­ter how much ex­er­cise you’re do­ing?

As­sum­ing you’re fol­low­ing a healthy diet, it may be time to mix up your ex­er­cise rou­tine or even scale it back. It’s com­mon for your body to be­come less re­spon­sive to an ac­tiv­ity as it gets more ef­fi­cient at han­dling that chal­lenge. Chang­ing the stim­uli could be just what you need. Swap­ping long, steady car­dio for HIIT and tack­ling heav­ier weights for lower reps are great op­tions to cre­ate a big­ger af­ter­burn.

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