Clear, bright skin

Fade spots and dis­col­oration— the top skin doc­tors re­veal new treat­ments and at-home reme­dies that work magic.

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Th­ese can ap­pear as iso­lated marks—one or two mar­ring the cheeks, fore­arms, or backs of hands—or as more of a mob, a dif­fuse mot­tling all over the face, neck, or chest. They re­sult from years of sun ex­po­sure “caus­ing ge­netic changes in the DNA of pig­ment-pro­duc­ing cells, which lead to in­creased melanin pro­duc­tion,” says Es­tee Wil­liams, M.D., a der­ma­tol­o­gist in New York City. Turn­ing up later in life than or­di­nary freck­les, they tend to be darker and more ir­reg­u­lar, with blurry edges. And un­liketheir cute coun­ter­parts, sun-spots don’t fade that eas­ily. If a freckle is roughly the size of a 20-sen coin or chang­ing in any way, it should be ex­am­ined by a derm (and pos­si­bly biop­sied) to rule out skin can­cer, Dr. Wil­liams says.

PRO FIX: With sunspots, ex­cess pig­ment pools in the skin’s top layer, so it’s usu­ally easy to re­move with lasers. Q-switched lasers (such as the ruby for lighter skin or the Nd:YAG for deeper tones) can knock out soli­tary spots in one to three rounds (RM1,000 per ses­sion at Rachel Chew Clinic). For wide­spread dap­pling, non­ab­la­tive frac­tional lasers, like the Fraxel Re­store Dual (RM3,300 per ses­sion at Bev­erly Wil­shire Med­i­cal Cen­tre), spare the skin’s sur­face while oblit­er­at­ing un­der­ly­ing pig­ment and can usu­ally re­move up to 90 per­cent of spots in one visit, Dr. Wil­liams says. Ex­pect about a week of rud­di­ness and peel­ing af­ter the pro­ce­dure. The Clear + Bril­liant, a less in­tense frac­tional laser, leaves you pink for only a day but re­quires at least three ses­sions (RM1,200 per ses­sion at M.A.C. Clinic).

RADIANCE BOOSTED Mot­tled skin re­flects light un­evenly, mak­ing you look duller; lasers and peels can zap splotches and resur­face skin to brighten all over.

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