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There’s a world of ply­o­met­rics be­yond burpees. Try th­ese catch-air tools.

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Plyo boxes—from six inches and up—can boost your in­ten­sity. Try this quick drill from Becca Capell, the head trainer at iFit vir­tual train­ing: Warm up with 1 minute of step-ups on a box. Then do 3 rounds of 10 box jumps, al­ter­nat­ing with 10 side-to-side step-overs.


Jump­ing rope can burn a blaz­ing 13 calo­ries per minute. Try Capell’s rope mix: Do 3 rounds of 100 rope jumps and 10 mod­i­fied (on knees) plyo push-ups; fol­low with 3 rounds of sin­gle-leg rope jumps, al­ter­nat­ing 25 right and 25 left each round.


Start with this fun cir­cuit from Fayth Caruso, a mas­ter trainer for Bel­li­con re­bound­ers. Do 60 sec­onds each of jump squats from floor to rebounder, plyo push-ups on frame, and sprint­ing in place. Then do 90 sec­onds of bounc­ing. Do cir­cuit 4 times.

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