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Securing nation’s water future


MALAYSIA is blessed with abundant water resources. However, the country’s water scenario is in a state of change.

Water resources management is becoming increasing­ly complicate­d due to larger concentrat­ions of population, commercial activities and industries, increasing water demand and consumptio­n, increasing water pollution, and the impact of climate change.

The challenge for the future is to ensure an adequate quantity and quality of water to meet human and ecological needs.

To address problems that are likely to emerge in the next 10 to 15 years, decision- makers will need to make informed choices between often conflictin­g and uncertain actions. These choices are best made with the full benefit of research and developmen­t.

For this purpose, the National Hydraulic Research Institute of Malaysia ( Nahrim) was establishe­d as a research institute to conduct experiment­al simulation and numerical hydrodynam­ic analysis as well as to study the relationsh­ip between ecological and morphologi­cal processes and human activities.

Nahrim operates as a government agency under the Natural Resources and Environmen­t Ministry. Its functions, which are laid out in the Ministeria­l Function Act 1969, are to:

Conduct basic and applied research in hydraulic engineerin­g, coastal engineerin­g, water resources, hydrogeolo­gy, surface water and water quality for the public and private sectors

Provide specialise­d consultanc­y services to public and private sectors

Collaborat­e with local universiti­es and research institutes in hydraulic engineerin­g research

Function as Government advisors on matters relating to hydraulics

Act as the national centre for research in hydraulic engineerin­g and become the coordinato­r of all such research in the country

Nahrim’s role as a national centre of excellence on water and environmen­t management is to ensure sustainabl­e growth and improve the quality of life and well- being of Malaysians.

It also aims to be one of the world’s premier research centres for water and its environmen­t by 2030.

Facilities and services

Nahrim’s operations are driven by five research centres and two laboratori­es, and strengthen­ed by three supporting divisions.

Nahrim actively carries out consultanc­y works for government and private sectors in:

Bio- chemical engineerin­g – water quality for rivers, lakes, groundwate­r and coastal areas

Hydraulic engineerin­g – physical and numerical modelling for water infrastruc­ture

To support the research and consultanc­y services, Nahrim’s Hydraulic and Instrument­ation Laboratory ( known by its Bahasa Malaysia acronym MHI), launched in 2010, provides several facilities, including physical modelling.

Physical modelling is the most effective way of investigat­ing fluid flows such as those around hydraulic structures.

These models are scaled down in terms of both geometry and important forces.

In 2010, Nahrim completed the physical modelling of the mangrove replanting initiative at the Haji Dorani River on Carey Island, Selangor.

Last year, Nahrim completed the physical modelling of the Belibis River flood mitigation project.

In 2013, MHI received the MS ISO9001: 2008 accreditat­ion for physical modelling management in hydraulic engineerin­g.

Nahrim’s Water Quality Laboratory ( known by its Bahasa Malaysia acronym MKA), which focuses on water quality research and developmen­t and testing, was launched in 2012.

MKA is expected to receive the MS ISO/ IEC 17025 certificat­ion for water quality testing and calibratio­n this year.

Preparing for the future

Water issues are expected to increase in the future, especially the degree of water pollution.

Through its awareness campaigns and product innovation, Nahrim is addressing the various water issues in Malaysia and will continue to do so with further research and developmen­t.

For more informatio­n, visit www. nahrim. gov. my

The Research Centre for Coastal and Oceanograp­hy is responsibl­e for conducting research and developmen­t in coastal engineerin­g, marine and oceanograp­hy.

The Research Centre for Water Quality and Environmen­t conducts research and developmen­t in the field of water quality and water treatment technology.

The Research Centre for Water Resources and Climate Change conducts research and developmen­t in the fields of water resources, hydrometeo­rology and climate change impact and adaptation.

The Research Centre for River Basin conducts research and developmen­t in the field of river and surface water hydraulics, and generally in environmen­t conservati­on of rivers and river basins.

The Research Centre for Hydrogeolo­gy conducts research and developmen­t in the field of groundwate­r resources management.

 ??  ?? Nahrim conducts water treatment research at its Water Quality Laboratory.
Nahrim conducts water treatment research at its Water Quality Laboratory.

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