Tatler Homes Malaysia

Letter from the Editor

- –Jennifer Choo, Editor-in-chief

Welcome to the first issue of our Tatler Homes

Malaysia relaunch. We chose the theme, “There’s no place like home,” because it’s a phrase that rings true on so many levels. It feels especially resonant during these times, where we’ve all spent a fair amount of time looking within – literally.

After over a year of lockdowns, our homes have become our ultimate sanctuarie­s. No surprise then that we want to make this most sacred of spaces as comfortabl­e as possible. To this end, we’ve included articles to help you feather your nest in style, whether it’s finding that perfect sofa worth investing in or discoverin­g new ways to dress up your walls.

There’s no place like home also alludes to the amazing creatives found here, both home-grown talents or those who have made their homes in Malaysia. We speak to architect, Serina Hijjas and rug designer,

Omar Khan, whose work so eloquently expresses their creative ethos and have built successful businesses on their own terms. Leila Khan, of the family who grew the monumental AFK collection, shines the spotlight on Malaysian artists. She also gives us helpful pointers on how to start your own collection of local art.

Our Sanctuarie­s section sparkles with inspiring homes in the Klang Valley, up north in Penang, down south in Johor and across the South China Sea in Sarawak. This kicks off our effort in highlighti­ng amazing homes and design all over our homeland. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorthy clicks her ruby red slippers thrice while saying, “There’s no place like home…” before waking up in the comfort of her Kansas bedroom. No ruby red slippers here, but we hope that our first issue transports you.

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