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pat down to check that some­body isn’t car­ry­ing a pro­hib­ited item, such as a gun, by pat­ting dif­fer­ent parts of their body

Synonym: frisk pat down sb Se­cu­rity guards pat­ted down ev­ery­body who en­tered the air­port. pat sb down In some Amer­i­can schools armed guards pat the kids down be­fore al­low­ing them in­side.

1. The po­lice pat­ted the sus­pects down to make sure they weren’t car­ry­ing any a. weapons b. dis­eases c. gro­ceries

patch up (1) to fix some­thing quickly so it can be used un­til it’s re­paired prop­erly or re­placed Synonym: mend patch sth up Af­ter crash­ing my mo­tor­bike, I couldn’t fix it but I patched it up enough to get it to the re­pair shop. patch up sth Our roof needs re­plac­ing. It leaked dur­ing that storm last night and I patched up some holes, but we re­ally need a new one.

Nouns of­ten used as ob­jects with patch up (1): jeans, clothes, shoes, socks, tyre, road, roof, hole

2. Some of the kids in our school come from very poor fam­i­lies. Their moth­ers have to patch up a. their lunches b. their uni­forms c. their bus fare

patch up (2) to mend ties or re­pair a re­la­tion­ship af­ter a dis­agree­ment or a dis­pute Synonym: rec­on­cile (for­mal) patch sth up My sis­ter and her hus­band ar­gue a lot, but they al­ways patch things up be­fore long. patch up sth The lead­ers of the two coun­tries patched up their dif­fer­ences and avoided a war. Nouns of­ten used as ob­jects with patch up (2): dif­fer­ences, dis­agree­ment, quar­rel, re­la­tions, re­la­tion­ship, things, rift

3. Ben and his fa­ther had a good talk and it looks like they’ve patched things up af­ter their a. ac­ci­dent b. ar­gu­ment c. agree­ment

pay back (1) If you pay some­one back, you re­turn money that you bor­rowed from them in the past.

Synonym: re­pay pay sb back Thanks for lend­ing me the money. I’ll pay you back when I get paid next week. pay back sb Will you pay back your friends first, or will you pay back the bank first? pay sth back to sb You promised you’d pay all the money back to me this week. So where is it?

4. I al­ways pay back any money that I a. have bor­rowed b. have spent c. have earned

pay back (2) If you pay some­one back for do­ing some­thing bad to Life you, you do some­thing bad to them Life in re­turn. is a mix­ture of sun­shine and rain,

Tear drops and laugh­ter; plea­sure and pain. We can't have all bright days, but it's cer­tainly true There never was a cloud that

The sun didn't shine through!

5. Ian said he was go­ing to pay Harry back for telling the po­lice that he was a. in­no­cent b. guilty c. not in­volved

pay off (1) If you pay off a loan, you pay it back in in­stall­ments over a pe­riod of time. pay sth off They took out a loan to buy their house and they’ll pay it off over the next 20 years. pay off sth Have you paid off your car loan yet, or do you still owe some money to the bank? be paid off If we keep giv­ing the bank RM1,000 a month, our credit cards will be paid off by the end of next year.

Nouns of­ten used as ob­jects with pay off (1): loan, mort­gage, debt, house, car, credit card

6. If you can’t pay off the loan you took out to buy your house, you’ll a. own it b. rent it c. lose it

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