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pay out to pay a sum of money to some­body, es­pe­cially a large sum

Synonym: shell out pay sth out If you win the lottery, they’ll pay the money out in in­stal­ments over sev­eral years. pay out sth Most in­sur­ance com­pa­nies will try to find any rea­son they can to avoid pay­ing out claims to their cus­tomers.

Nouns of­ten used as ob­jects with pay out: award, com­pen­sa­tion, prize money, winnings, re­ward, lump sum, in­sur­ance claim

1. In­sur­ance com­pa­nies some­times try to avoid pay­ing out claims be­cause they want to a. help their cus­tomers b. in­crease their prof­its c. make large losses

pay up If some­body pays up, they pay money they owe to some­one even though they don’t re­ally want to.

Synonym: cough up (in­for­mal)

Brett lost RM500 play­ing pool in a bar, and if he hadn’t paid up he would have been in big trouble. The mafia de­mands pro­tec­tion money from small busi­nesses, and if some­one doesn’t pay up they’ll be at­tacked and maybe even killed.

2. Af­ter the fire, it took the in­sur­ance company a long time to pay up the money a. I owed them b. they owed me c. they made us

pick on If you pick on some­one, you re­peat­edly treat them badly or crit­i­cise them. Synonym: get at (Bri­tish) pick on sb Joe sounds child­ish when he says things like “Why does the boss al­ways pick on me?” pick on sb When Jill was in high school, the other girls picked on her be­cause she was over­weight.

3. If teach­ers see kids pick­ing on one of their class­mates, they will usu­ally a. stop them b. join in c. praise them

pick out If you pick out some­thing, you choose or select it.

Synonym: choose, select pick out sth/sb We’re paint­ing the of­fice, so look at this chart and pick out a colour you like. pick sth/sb out Do you like these shirts? Pick one out and I’ll get it for you.

4. Be­fore you buy the car, you’ll have to pick out a. some money b. a colour c. your driver’s li­cence

pick up (1) If you pick up some­thing, you take hold of it and lift it up.

Synonym: lift pick up sb/sth If you pick up the com­puter, be care­ful and make sure you don’t drop it. pick sb/sth up I Life used to pick my daugh­ter up and Life carry is her a mix­ture around of on sun­shine my shoul­ders, and but she’s get­ting too big for that now. Nouns of­ten used as ob­jects with

pick up (1): box, bag, case, pen, phone, cup

5. I can’t pick up the re­frig­er­a­tor be­cause a. it’s too cold b. it’s too light c. it’s too heavy

pick up (2) If you pick some­one up, you meet them some­where in or­der to give them a lift some­where else.

Synonym: col­lect pick sb/sth up If you tell me what time your flight gets in, I’ll pick you up from the air­port and take you home. pick up sb/sth Peter has gone to the post of­fice to pick up a par­cel.

6. I picked my daugh­ter up from the party and a. dropped her off b. drove her home c. left her there

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