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Matt and Al­lie car­ried their sketch to the sign up ta­ble. They couldn’t wait to start build­ing the kite they’d de­signed for the High Flyer con­test. The line for reg­is­tra­tion was long and filled with kids of all ages. Two teenagers stood in front of them. Matt peeked at their sketch and his eyes widened.

“Look!” he whis­pered, tug­ging on Al­lie’s sleeve. Al­lie glanced at the sketch. “Whoa, theirs is a lot bet­ter than ours. Their kite looks like an air­plane.”

“And ours is a bor­ing di­a­mond,” Matt said.

Al­lie nod­ded at the kids be­hind them. “What’s theirs look like?”

Matt pre­tended to tie his shoe so he could see the pa­per at the girl’s side. He sighed and stood up. “Theirs looks like a space­ship!”

“Names?” the woman at the sign up ta­ble asked. Al­lie and Matt jumped. Al­lie signed them in.

“I need a copy of your de­sign,” the woman said. “Af­ter sign­ing up, no al­ter­ations can be made to your de­sign.” “What?” Matt asked.

“Those are the rules.” The woman took the pa­per from Matt’s hand and stamped their de­sign. “Next!”

Al­lie and Matt walked home with their heads down. “I guess we stick to the di­a­mond kite,” Matt said. “What if we gave it a cool look­ing tail? I bet the judges won’t care about that,” Al­lie said, perk­ing up a lit­tle. Matt shrugged.

They worked on their kite all week­end. It wasn’t fancy, ex­cept for the tail. Al­lie had dec­o­rated it with feath­ers, beads, and tiny mirrors. It sparkled in the sun­light.

On the day of the con­test, Al­lie and Matt car­ried their kite to the start­ing line. The rules were sim­ple. The kite that flew the high­est for the long­est amount of time won. And there were two rounds, which meant two tries to be the best. Al­lie and Matt took their spot on the line. Matt moaned when he saw they were be­tween the space­ship and the air­plane.

“Fly­ers, on your mark!” the an­nouncer said. “Go!” Al­lie held the string while Matt ran down the field with the kite. He lifted it in the air. It wob­bled and fell to the ground. Round one was over for them.

Matt ran the kite back to Al­lie. “It’s the tail. The beads and mirrors are weigh­ing it down.”

“But they’re so pretty,” Al­lie said.

“Do you want pretty or do you want to win?” Al­lie nod­ded, and Matt pulled off the beads and mirrors. He fin­ished just in time for the start of round two.

As he ran with the kite, he could feel the wind pick­ing it up. He let go and raced back to help Al­lie. They let out the string as far as it would go, right past the space­ship and the air­plane. The kite stayed up un­til the an­nouncer blew his whis­tle and de­clared them the win­ners.

“I guess looks don’t mean a thing in kite fly­ing,” Al­lie said.

“Yeah,” Matt said. “Sim­ple is best.”

1. What is the pur­pose of the High Flyer con­test? a. to build the best-look­ing kite b. to build a kite that has an unusual tail c. to build a kite that flies the high­est d. to build a kite that moves fastest

2. What rule did Matt and Al­lie learn when they were

sign­ing up? a. They could not change their kite’s de­sign af­ter

sign­ing up. b. They needed to be 13 years old to en­ter. c. They only had a week­end to fin­ish the kite. d. They could not make a di­a­mond-shaped kite.

3. Why did Matt and Al­lie’s kite crash to the ground dur­ing round one?

4. Which word best de­scribes how Al­lie and Matt felt when they saw the plans for the air­plane and space­ship kites? Choose one wor­ried ex­cited con­fused relieved

Ex­plain why you chose this word.

5. Which of these events hap­pened first? a. Matt re­moved the beads and mirrors from the kite’s

tail. b. Matt and Al­lie reg­is­tered for the High Flyer con­test. c. Matt and Al­lie’s kite fell to the ground. d. Matt and Al­lie sketched a de­sign for their kite.

Match each vo­cab­u­lary word from the story “High Flyer” to its def­i­ni­tion.

1. reg­is­tra­tion a. changes

2. teenagers b. gave off flashes of light; glim­mered c. process of sign­ing up for an event d. peo­ple be­tween the ages of 13 and 19 e. groaned f. wig­gled back and forth g. antonym for com­pli­cated h. placed ink on pa­per with a rub­ber marker or seal i. peo­ple who de­ter­mine the

3. al­ter­ations

4. stamped

5. judges

6. perk­ing up

7. moaned

8. sparkled

9. wob­bled the a of an

kite. their for de­sign a sketched Al­lie and Matt d.) 5. look­ing.im­pres­sive- com­pli­cated more were de­signs other oth­ers. the as good as wasn’t de­sign that wor­ried were Al­lie and Matt wor­ried fly. to heavy too kite made tail the on beads and mirrors The 3. up. sign­ing af­ter kite’s their change not could They a). 2. high­est the flies that kite a build to c.) 1. and The their

the com­pli­cated for antonym g.) forth and back wig­gled f.) glim­mered of flashes off gave b.) groaned e.) cheer­ful more be­com­ing j.) con­test a of win­ners de­ter­mine who peo­ple i.) seal or marker rub­ber with pa­per on ink placed h.) changes a.) 19 and 13 ages the be­tween peo­ple d.) event for up sign­ing of process c.) reg­is­tra­tion 1. words. vo­cab­u­lary Match­ing light; de­sign sim­ple 10. wob­bled 9.

sparkled 8. moaned 7. up perk­ing 6.

judges 5.

stamped 4. al­ter­ations 3.

teenagers 2. 4.

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