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play around (1) to waste time by be­ing silly or stupid

Synonym: fool around, muck around (in­for­mal) play around Come on you guys! Stop play­ing around and get on with your work. play around Why are you play­ing around when you’ve got a re­ally im­por­tant exam in the morn­ing?

1. When the teacher saw the kids play­ing

around in class, she a. asked if she could join in b. graded their ef­forts c. told them to stop

play back to play some­thing that’s just been recorded, such as a video, a mes­sage, or some mu­sic

When we played back the song we’d just recorded, it sounded great. play sth back When Paul gets home he checks his an­swer­ing ma­chine and if there are any mes­sages, he plays them back straight away.

Nouns of­ten used as ob­jects with play back: mes­sage, record­ing, song, clip, se­quence, scene, track, video, mu­sic

2. Don’t for­get to play the mes­sage back a. be­fore you’ve recorded it b. af­ter you’ve recorded it c. while you’re record­ing it

play down to try to make some­thing seem less im­por­tant or less dam­ag­ing than it re­ally is Synonym: min­imise, down­play play down sth The gov­ern­ment’s spokesman tried to play down the wors­en­ing eco­nomic data. play sth down When he told his par­ents he was be­ing sent to fight in Ye­men, he tried to play the dan­gers down by say­ing he was go­ing to a peace­ful area.

3. If some­body tries to play down some­thing

that they’ve done, it’s prob­a­bly be­cause they feel a. proud of it b. ashamed of it c. good about it

play up (1) In­for­mal If some­thing is play­ing up, it isn’t work­ing prop­erly or it’s caus­ing prob­lems. Synonym: act up

This printer is play­ing up again! When­ever the weather is cold and damp, my back plays up and I have to take a painkiller.

4. If your com­puter is play­ing up, you should a. have it re­paired b. throw it against a wall c. try harder to beat it

point out to tell some­one some­thing you think they should know

Synonym: in­di­cate (for­mal) point out sth Cassie pointed out a few mis­takes in the ar­ti­cle that no one had no­ticed.

5. If you think it’s im­por­tant to point some­thing

out, please go ahead and a. say some­thing b. make some­thing Life c. take Life some­thing is a mix­ture of sun­shine and

pour in to ar­rive at or en­ter a place in great num­bers and with great speed or force

Synonym: stream in pour in As soon as the doors opened, the wait­ing shop­pers poured in and ran for the bar­gain sec­tion.

pour in Ap­pli­ca­tions for the gov­ern­ment’s new low-in­ter­est stu­dent loans have been pour­ing in.

6. Af­ter he ad­ver­tised his car on the in­ter­net, of­fers to buy it poured in and

a. he soon sold it b. he’s still wait­ing for an of­fer c. he’s had to lower the price

pour out to leave a place in large num­bers

Synonym: stream out pour out Af­ter I poked a stick in the ant’s nest, the ants started pour­ing out every­where. pour out Dur­ing the cri­sis, refugees poured out of Venezuela to es­cape the hy­per­in­fla­tion.

7. The game had just fin­ished and the

fans were pour­ing out of a. their favourite play­ers b. their team’s song c. the sta­dium

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