The Self­ish Crows

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ONCE upon a time, there was a very big for­est. There on a huge banyan tree lived many crows. They were self­ish and ar­ro­gant. They al­ways quar­relled with other birds. This be­hav­ior ir­ri­tated other birds. They had no friends, as no one liked them.

When the rainy sea­son came, dark clouds gath­ered in the sky. A small my­nah was re­turn­ing to her nest. When she was pass­ing by the banyan tree, it started rain­ing. “I will stay here for a while un­til it stops rain­ing,” thought the lit­tle my­nah. And I took rest on the banyan tree for a while.

The self­ish crows saw her perch­ing on the tree. One of them shouted, “Get off the tree. This tree be­longs to us.” The my­nah humbly pleaded, “The weather is bad and my nest is far off from this for­est. Please let me take a rest for a while on this tree, brother. As soon as it stops rain­ing, I will re­turn to my nest.”

“Leave this banyan tree at once. Or we will peck you,” said the other crows. The mer­ci­less ten­dency of the self­ish crows scared the my­nah. The my­nah found no other way ex­cept to fly off. Then im­me­di­ately the my­nah flew off to a nearby tree, where luck­ily she found a hol­low in a bro­ken branch. She took her shel­ter there.

Shortly af­ter, the rain be­came heavy fol­lowed by thun­der­storm. The wind was in high speed. Even the leaves and branches were not enough to give shel­ter to the crows. Many of the branches of many tree in which the crows had taken shel­ter were dam­aged and hurt by the hail­stones. But the my­nah was safe in­side the hol­low place in the tree.

One of the crows said, “Look at the my­nah! How com­fort­able she is. Let us go there.” An­other crow said, “I do not think she will let us share the hol­low. We did not have sym­pa­thy for her when she was in need of this tree.” Then an­other crow said, “We should not have been so rude. We for­got that we may need help some­day.”

Sud­denly the my­nah called out, “Come! My friends! Come to this hol­low. Or you will get hurt. The rain is not go­ing to stop soon. It seems that it may rain for a long time”

The crows flew down to the hol­low. They thanked the my­nah. “We are sorry for hav­ing un­kind, dear friend! Now we will never be so self­ish.”

Then the crows took shel­ter in the hol­low place of the tree in which the my­nah had taken her shel­ter. Af­ter some time, it stopped rain­ing. All the birds flew to their re­spec­tive nests hap­pily as new friends.

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