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print off some­thing

Syn­onym: print out print off sth We can print the cards off while you wait if you like. to print a num­ber of copies of

1. A se­cret fac­tory in the moun­tains printed off thou­sands of a. anti-gov­ern­ment leaflets b. fake Rolex watches c. il­le­gal drugs

print out doc­u­ment

Syn­onym: print off print out sth Could you print out the con­tract and leave it on my desk, please?

Print a test copy out and let me check it be­fore you send the file to the print­ers.

Nouns of­ten used as ob­jects with print out: doc­u­ment, let­ter, in­voice, re­ceipt, email, ar­ti­cle, photo, pic­ture

to make a printed copy of a

2. He couldn’t print out the let­ter be­cause he didn’t have a. a pen b. an en­ve­lope c. the right pa­per

pull back If an army pulls back, it moves its forces back from the front-line or from wher­ever it’s been fight­ing the en­emy. Syn­onym: with­draw

Their troops have pulled back from the area along the river.

pull down un­der­pants Life

Life is a mix­ture of sun­shine and rain, 5. Af­ter un­do­ing his belt, Tony pulled down Tear drops and laugh­ter; plea­sure and pain.

We can't have all bright days, but it's cer­tainly true There never was a cloud that

The sun didn't shine through!

3. Af­ter the soldiers had pulled back, they were a. nearer the en­emy forces b. be­hind the en­emy forces c. fur­ther from en­emy forces

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