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au­di­ence a group of peo­ple who gather to­gether to lis­ten to an watch some­thing, such as a con­cert, play, lec­ture, etc; a group of peo­ple who lis­ten to or watch some­thing at the same time: brevity 1 the use of only a few words when speak­ing or writ­ing: We ask all the af­ter-din­ner speak­ers to aim for brevity. 2. the fact of last­ing a short time: The poet com­ments on the brevity of life in all his poems. buzz­word a word or ex­pres­sion which orig­i­nally had a tech­ni­cal mean­ing but which has be­come fash­ion­able and pop­u­lar by be­ing used more gen­er­ally, es­pe­cially in news­pa­pers, on tele­vi­sion, etc: The ar­ti­cle on ed­u­ca­tion on the news­pa­per con­tained sev­eral of the lat­est buzz­words. cam­paign a planned se­ries of ac­tions car­ried out in or­der to achieve a par­tic­u­lar aim: Jack is start­ing a cam­paign to stop smok­ing be­ing al­lowed in the of­fice. com­mu­ni­ca­tion the ex­change of in­for­ma­tion or the ex­pres­sion of ideas or feel­ing be­tween peo­ple, for ex­am­ple by speak­ing, let­ters, tele­phone, email, sign lan­guage, etc: Both groups wanted the same thing, but this was not un­der­stood as there has been a fail­ure of com­mu­ni­ca­tion. com­plex 1. dif­fi­cult to un­der­stand or deal with The plot of his new play is ex­tremely com­plex.

2. made up of sev­eral dif­fer­ent things which are re­lated: Some of Pam’s de­signs are very com­plex. com­plex a group of build­ings of a sim­i­lar type and with a sim­i­lar pur­pose: There is to be a new shop­ping com­plex built on the edge of the town. cul­prit a per­son who has done some­thing wrong or some­thing which is against the law: Some­one stole my car last year, but the po­lice never found the cul­prit. gob­blede­gook lan­guage, found es­pe­cially in of­fi­cial doc­u­ments, which seems mean­ing­less be­cause it is full of com­pli­cated words that are dif­fi­cult to un­der­stand: I have tried to read the in­struc­tion man­ual for the new com­puter, but it’s gob­blede­gook to me. im­pres­sive caus­ing peo­ple to feel ad­mi­ra­tion for some­thing be­cause it is very good, very big, very at­trac­tive, etc; caus­ing peo­ple to feel ad­mi­ra­tion for some­one be­cause they are very good at some­thing, very skil­ful, etc: The new head­quar­ters is a most im­pres­sive build­ing. in­com­pre­hen­si­ble im­pos­si­ble, or ex­tremely dif­fi­cult, to un­der­stand: The new teacher speaks so quickly that some of the pupils find what he says in­com­pre­hen­si­ble. com­pre­hend to un­der­stand: No one can com­pre­hend Sam’s sud­den vi­o­lent be­hav­iour.

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