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1. What is the main idea of the fourth para­graph? a. Run­ning is one way to keep your body healthy. b. You don’t need ex­pen­sive equip­ment to be a run­ner. c. Run­ning for fun is bet­ter than run­ning in a com­pe­ti­tion. d. There are many run­ning clubs and teams you can be­come in­volved in.

2. Ben­e­fits of Run­ning for the Health and Mind (Find four ben­e­fits men­tioned in the pas­sage)

3. What is the au­thor’s main pur­pose for writ­ing this pas­sage? a. to give his­tor­i­cal in­for­ma­tion about run­ners b. to teach read­ers how to be­come great run­ners c. to per­suade read­ers to try run­ning d. to com­pare and con­trast run­ning and watch­ing tele­vi­sion

4. Tell whether each sen­tence is a fact or opin­ion. Write the word fact or opin­ion on each sen­tence. Run­ning is not an easy sport.

Many schools of­fer cross coun­try or track pro­grammes.

Run­ning de­vel­ops co­or­di­na­tion and makes you more aware of your body.

Vo­cab­u­lary Ac­tiv­ity Match each vo­cab­u­lary word on the left with its def­i­ni­tion on the right.

1. lungs

2. co­or­di­na­tion

3. im­mune sys­tem

4. heart

5. con­cen­tra­tion

6. marathon

7. re­al­is­tic

a. long-dis­tance run­ning race

b. pro­tects your body from bac­te­ria and dis­ease

c. rea­son­able

d. body or­gan that puts oxy­gen into your blood

e. abil­ity to think deeply

f. abil­ity to move your body’s mus­cles skil­fully

g. mus­cle that pumps blood through your body

Part 3:

Use a vo­cab­u­lary word from the list to com­plete each sen­tence.

8. Drink­ing juice with vi­ta­min C strength­ens your ................

9. When Joey said he could run 50 miles, his friend said, “That’s not .................”

10. I could barely breathe when I fin­ished run­ning the ................

11. The nurse was mon­i­tor­ing her pa­tient’s ............... rate.

12. The writer was lost in .................... as he thought about what he will write next.

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