The King Co­bra and the Ants

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ONCE there lived a king co­bra in a small hole. When he was small he ate lit­tle crea­tures. As he grew up he be­gan to eat eggs, lizards, frogs and rab­bits. And when he grew up fur­ther he started to eat even other smaller snakes. His pride grew with him.

All small an­i­mals be­gan to fear the king co­bra. This boosted up his pride. He be­gan to think “Now I am the most pow­er­ful crea­ture. I am the king of the for­est. All an­i­mals fear me. Let me move from this small hole to a big­ger place”.

He searched for a place to suit his size and sta­tus. Fi­nally he came across a big tree. He se­lected the tree for his house. He saw an ant hill near the tree.

He thought “Why should there be an ugly ant hill near my royal house?” He hissed aloud “I am king Co­bra, the king of the for­est. I or­der the ants to va­cate im­me­di­ately”. There was no re­ply. He got wild and struck at the ant hill.

What a sur­prise! In a minute thou­sands of ants swarmed up the king co­bra bit­ing him ev­ery­where. The king co­bra could not bear the pain. He ran away.

MORAL : Pride goes be­fore fall.

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