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1. Last night, Kelvin had (wanted more food than he can eat) and ended up with in­di­ges­tion. a) kept his eyes on the ball b) made a clean sweep c) eyes big­ger than his stom­ach

2. (Are you able to see what is go­ing on?) You knew even though no one told you. a) Did you hit the bull’s eyes? b) Do you have eyes in the back of your head? c) Did you keep your eyes on on ball?

3. You’ve (got an im­pres­sive re­sult) by us­ing a new method to solve the maths prob­lem. a) kept your eyes on the ball b) hit the bull’s-eye c) got eyes in the back of your head

4. When Sue was asked if she wanted to go to Kota Kin­a­balu, she said yes (without hes­i­ta­tion). a) made a bee­line for it b) by turn­ing a blind eye c) without bat­ting an eye 5. Alvin was hired be­cause he could (re­main con­cen­trated) when get­ting projects done. a) make a clean sweep b) do things without bat­ting an eye c) keep his eye on the ball

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