Jostling at the su­per­mar­ket

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MRS LEE was at the su­per­mar­ket. Her trol­ley was al­most filled to the brim. She was at the aisle where the bis­cuits were. She wanted to buy her son’s favourite food.

Mrs Lee was about to reach for a packet of bis­cuits when a young boy came to­wards her, push­ing his trol­ley as fast as he could. Mrs Lee was shocked. She stood in front of the boy with her arms at her hips. She was block­ing his path. The stunned boy stopped his trol­ley just inches from Mrs Lee. Be­fore he could say any­thing, she scolded him at the top of her voice, The boy was not af­fected. He shouted back at Mrs Lee.

The boy yelled at Mrs Lee for get­ting in his way. He pointed his fin­ger rudely at her and told her to keep quiet. Mrs Lee was shocked at how rude the boy was.

“Where are your par­ents?” she shouted. “I want to speak to them.”

The boy chuck­led. “My par­ents are not here. You won’t be able to com­plain about me,” he said smugly.

Mrs Lee was livid but there was noth­ing she could do. She even had to step aside to let the boy pass. The boy sped off with his trol­ley. He turned the cor­ner and was soon out of sight. With a sigh, Mrs Lee con­tin­ued with her shop­ping.

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