It’s Good to be Back Home

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“Cousins!” I hear a lit­tle voice call. Two small, sticky hands wrap them­selves around my legs. I see two shin­ing blue eyes beam­ing up at me.

“Pauline!” I turn around to see Un­cle Bren­dan and Aunt Kathy strid­ing to­ward me, warm smiles spread across their faces. I hug my un­cle, and im­me­di­ately I in­hale the sweet, pierc­ing fra­grance of pine trees, a whole for­est of them.

He makes me want to go deep into the for­est brush and take a sip from a cool, fresh stream. I bury my face into Aunt Kathy, and the warm, homey aroma of fresh hot cook­ies draws me in.

But I am pulled away from them all too soon and led out by an­other pair of sticky hands to where the grass is up to my thigh. I then see the old, ragged tire swing I’ve known for more than half of my life. I run to­ward it and slide on, for even though it ap­pears as if the slight­est tap will cause it to col­lapse to the ground, it can be trusted.

The tree be­gins to sway and creak slightly as I glide serenely from side to side. I slip off, and jog over to the wooden fence out where the cows graze. I lean over to stroke their bristly coat and fish around in my pocket for my left­over ap­ple slices to feed them.

“Come on, Pauline!” more laugh­ing cousins shout. “We’re col­lect­ing wood for the fire!”

My cousins are all sorts of ages, sizes, shapes, and hues,

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