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All that glit­ters is not gold: that looks good is good Not ev­ery­thing

Cross a bridge when one comes to it: Deal with a sit­u­a­tion when it hap­pens, used when ex­plain­ing that one shouldn’t worry too much about pos­si­ble prob­lems

Fall into the trap: Do some­thing that some­one wants you to do in or­der to take ad­van­tage of you

Feel put-upon: Feel like some­one is forc­ing your to do some­thing you don’t want to do

Get some­thing un­der Ex­pe­ri­ence some­thing



Get the short end of the stick: Lose in an ar­range­ment of some sort, re­ceive the small­est por­tion

Have the heart skip a beat: by some­thing

Be sur­prised

Hit a happy medium: Find bal­ance be­tween ex­tremes

Kid around: Have fun, joke

Pres­ence of mind: The abil­ity to calmly think about a sit­u­a­tion and make the best de­ci­sion rather than act on emo­tion

Push some­one’s but­tons: Know ex­actly what to say to anger an­other per­son

Put some­thing into prac­tice: Do some­thing that you want to be­come a habit, of­ten used when fol­low­ing ad­vice

Re­gain one’s com­po­sure: Find bal­ance af­ter hav­ing be­com­ing very emo­tional (anger, sad­ness, spite, etc.)

Run like wa­ter off a duck’s back: bother or af­fect some­one

Straighten some­thing out: prob­lem


Re­solve a

Throw some­one a curve ball: Do some­thing that sur­prises some­one, of­ten used when neg­a­tive events hap­pen

Turn on hes­i­ta­tion





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