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Read the pas­sage and an­swer the ques­tions. ALEX clutched his maths quiz in his hand as he opened the front door. He’d re­ally tried this time, but he still barely passed.

And now Mrs Gre­gory was mak­ing ev­ery­one take their quizzes home to be signed.

Sounds from the kitchen and the smell of fresh cho­co­late chip cook­ies greeted Alex at the door. His stom­ach grum­bled. No way would he be al­lowed to have cook­ies af­ter he showed Mom this quiz. Un­less... He could wait un­til the morn­ing and have her sign the quiz be­fore school !

Alex shoved the pa­per in his back­pack and ran to the kitchen.

“Hi, Mom. The cook­ies smell great.” “Thanks.” Mom poured a glass of milk and put it on the table for Alex. “I fig­ured you’d need a pickme-up af­ter you got your maths quiz back.”

Alex dropped his cookie on the floor. How did she know?

“Mrs Gre­gory called,” Mom said, as Ralph, their golden re­triever, snatched up the fallen cookie. Here it comes, Alex thought. I’m grounded.

“I told Mrs Gre­gory how hard you stud­ied for that quiz,” Mom said, hand­ing Alex an­other cookie. Alex was shocked. Mom wasn’t mad?

“I think maybe we need to get you a tu­tor. Some­one who can help you un­der­stand maths a lit­tle bet­ter. What do you think?”

“A tu­tor?” Alex asked, still wait­ing for Mom to start yelling.

“Yeah. Mrs Gre­gory said she’d be happy to work with you af­ter school, but if you’d rather we could ask Michael down the street. He’s a maths whiz.” Alex nod­ded. “I guess Michael could help me.” “That’s what I thought you’d say. I’ll call him tonight af­ter din­ner.” Mom put her hand out, wait­ing for the pa­per to sign.

Alex pulled it out of his back­pack, but he held it tight. “How come you aren’t mad?”

Mom smiled. “I know you tried your best. I can’t be mad about that. Now if you said you didn’t want to be tu­tored, I might be a lit­tle up­set.”

“I don’t want to fail maths.”

“Tell you what. Let’s have some milk and cook­ies and then we’ll call Michael to­gether.”

Alex handed the quiz to his mom and sat down at the table. Be­ing tu­tored by Michael wouldn’t be so bad. And hope­fully he wouldn’t have to worry the next time he had to get his maths quiz signed.

1. Why didn’t Alex want to show the maths test to his mother? a. He failed the test. b. He didn’t study for the test. c. He thought his mother would be up­set. d. He for­got to bring the test home.

2. Alex didn’t want to show his mother the test that af­ter­noon. He wanted to wait un­til the next morn­ing in­stead. Why?

3. Why didn’t Alex wait un­til morn­ing to have his mom sign the test?

4. Match each char­ac­ter with their de­scrip­tion. Michael a.) fam­ily pet

5. Why wasn’t Alex’s mom up­set with him?

Fill in the miss­ing let­ters to cre­ate a vo­cab­u­lary word from the story.

1. ___ a ___ e ___ y _______________________________ _____ hint: by a very small amount

2. ___ i ___ n ___ d _______________________________ _____ hint: wrote a cur­sive name on a pa­per

3. ___ t o ___ ___ c ___ ___________________________ _________ hint: belly

4. ___ i g ___ ___ e d _____________________________ _______ hint: thought

5. ___ e ___ ___ i e ___ ___ r _______________________ _____________ hint: type of dog that likes to fetch items and bring them back

6. ____ n ___ t ___ h ___ d ________________________ ____________ hint: grabbed

7. ____ r ___ u ___ d ___ d ________________________ ____________ hint: pun­ish­ment in which priv­i­leges are lost

8. ___ ___ ___ o r ________________________________ ____ hint: a per­son hired to help some­one learn

9. ___ a ___ l ____________________________________ hint: op­po­site of pass fail 9. tu­tor 8. grounded 7. snatched 6. re­triever 5. fig­ured 4. stom­ach 3. signed 2. barely 1. story. the from word vo­cab­u­lary a cre­ate to let­ters miss­ing the in Fill

quiz. the on best his tried and stud­ied he knows She 5.

maths with strug­gling boy b.) Alex teacher

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