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get worked up If you get worked up about some­thing, you be­come upset, an­noyed or ex­cited, of­ten un­nec­es­sar­ily.

“It’s his first day at school to­mor­row and he’s all worked up about it.”

go ba­nanas If some­one be­comes very emo­tional and starts be­hav­ing in a crazy way, they go ba­nanas.

“If you an­nounce that you are go­ing to drop out of school, your par­ents will go ba­nanas!”

go off the deep end If a per­son goes off the deep end, they be­come so an­gry or upset that they can­not con­trol their emo­tions.

“Eva will go off the deep end if her kids leave the kitchen in a mess again.”

go to pieces If you go to pieces, for ex­am­ple af­ter a ter­ri­ble shock, you are so upset or dis­tressed that you can­not lead a nor­mal life.

“Jack nearly went to pieces when his son died in a car crash.”

groan in­wardly If you groan in­wardly, you feel like ex­press­ing de­spair, dis­ap­proval or dis­tress, but you re­main si­lent.

“On his re­turn, when Pete saw the pile of files on his desk, he groaned in­wardly.”

guilty plea­sure En­joy­ing some­thing which is not gen­er­ally held in high re­gard, while at the same time feel­ing a bit guilty about it, is called a guilty plea­sure. “Reading gos­sip mag­a­zines is a guilty plea­sure for many women… and some men too!”

(as) hard as nails A per­son who is (as) hard as nails is un­sen­ti­men­tal and shows no sym­pa­thy.

“Don’t ex­pect any sym­pa­thy from him. He’s as hard as nails.”

head over heels in love (with some­one) When a per­son falls pas­sion­ately in love with an­other, they are said to be head over heels in love.

“Tony’s only in­ter­est at the mo­ment is Maria. He’s head over heels in love with her!”

change of heart If some­one has a change of heart, they change their at­ti­tude or feel­ings, es­pe­cially to­wards greater friend­li­ness or co­op­er­a­tion.

“He was against char­ity, but he had a change of heart when he saw the plight of the home­less.”

couldn’t give a hoot To say that you don’t or couldn’t give a hoot means that you don’t care at all about some­thing.

“She wears ec­cen­tric clothes but she couldn’t give a hoot about what oth­ers think.”

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