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“Can we go see a movie tonight?” Bobby asked, toss­ing his back­pack on the couch.

“We have to go watch your brother’s foot­ball game,”

Mom said, grab­bing her car keys. “Come on. We’ll grab some food on the way.”

“We have to go now?” Bobby hated hav­ing to rush around af­ter school. He just wanted to relax.

“Sorry. Nick only has two games left. Then we can all have some free time on Fri­day nights.”

Free time. Bobby couldn’t wait.

“Bet­ter take some gloves. It’s sup­posed to get cold this evening,” Mom said.

Bobby grabbed his gloves and fol­lowed Mom out to the car. “Can we get tacos at least? I’m tired of burg­ers.”

“Sure. I packed a blan­ket in the boot so we can have a pic­nic. I thought it would be dif­fer­ent and more com­fort­able than sit­ting on the cold bleach­ers.”

Bobby hated the bleach­ers. They were un­com­fort­able and freez­ing cold at night. The more he thought about the game, the less he wanted to go. He sunk down in his seat and didn’t say a word un­til they got to the game.

“Look, there’s Nick,” Mom said with a wave. “Come on. Spread out the blan­ket for us. I don’t want to miss kick­off.”

Bobby groaned as he placed the blan­ket on the ground. “Can I stay home next week?”

“And miss Nick’s game? Why would you want to do that?” Mom sat down and placed some nap­kins and tacos in front of Bobby.

“I just want to relax af­ter school. This isn’t ex­actly fun for me. Sit­ting for hours, be­ing cold, I don’t like it.”

“You know, I used to watch your Un­cle Scott play foot­ball when I was your age.”

“You did?”

“Yup. I didn’t re­ally like it ei­ther, but he said I was his good luck charm.” Mom smiled. “This morn­ing Nick told me you and I are his good luck charms. He likes hav­ing us here.”

Bobby looked at Nick on the field. He re­alised that sup­port­ing his brother was the right thing to do. He also re­mem­bered that Nick had come to his school con­cert last week. Bobby was glad that his brother was there to lis­ten to him sing. He wanted to re­turn the favour.

“Go, Nick, Go! Get a touch­down!”

Nick looked to­wards Bobby and nod­ded be­fore get­ting ready for the kick­off. Bobby cheered for Nick ev­ery time he took the field, and be­fore he knew it, the game was over.

“Hey.” Nick ran over and gave Bobby a high five. “We played pretty well, right?”

“You were great,” Bobby said. “I’m al­ready look­ing for­ward to next week.”

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