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1. When did this story most likely take place? a. on a Satur­day af­ter­noon, just be­fore foot­ball

sea­son be­gins b. on a Satur­day af­ter­noon, in the be­gin­ning of

foot­ball sea­son c. on a Fri­day evening, in the mid­dle of foot­ball

sea­son d. on a Fri­day evening, near the end of foot­ball


2. Un­cle Scott is prob­a­bly... a. Bobby’s grand­fa­ther b. Bobby’s mother’s brother c. Bobby’s fa­ther’s un­cle d. Bobby’s mother’s friend

3. Why did Bobby’s mother tell him that she used to watch Un­cle Scott play foot­ball?

4. Af­ter Bobby’s mother told him about Un­cle Scott’s foot­ball games, what did Bobby re­alise?

5. What les­son can be learned from this story? a. You should be sup­port­ive of your fam­ily

mem­bers. b. Think care­fully be­fore you make an im­por­tant

de­ci­sion. c. Watch­ing oth­ers play sports can be more fun than

play­ing by your­self. d. You need to work hard to achieve suc­cess. Match each vo­cab­u­lary word on the left with the def­i­ni­tion on the right.

1. couch a. small item that is be­lieved

to bring good for­tune 2. bleach­ers b. start of a foot­ball game 3. field c. scor­ing play in a foot­ball

game worth 6 points 4. touch­down d. Mex­i­can foods made from a tor­tilla

filled with ground beef 5. kick­off e. sofa 6. con­cert f. long boards made of wood or metal for sit­ting 7. good luck charm g. event in which peo­ple sing or play mu­si­cal in­stru­ments 8. tacos h. out­door space

where sports are played

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