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1. touch on

In his speech, Bill Gates touched on the is­sue of hu­man traf­fick­ing and spoke about it for a. a minute or two b. nearly an hour c. a re­ally long time

2. ask af­ter

Larry asked af­ter you, so I told him a. where you went b. your name c. you’re fine

3. call out

I didn’t know you were call­ing out. I didn’t a. un­der­stand you b. see you c. hear you

4. feel for

Ev­ery­one felt for Rob­bie when he told us that he was a. a mil­lion­aire b. heart­bro­ken c. into body­build­ing

5. give in

Even though it looked like Rafael was go­ing to lose the match, he wouldn’t give in. He a. stopped try­ing b. kept try­ing c. started tir­ing

6. help out

The police are re­spon­si­ble for helping out a. peo­ple in need b. wanted crim­i­nals c. them­selves

7. lay off

If a worker is laid off, she’ll have to a. im­prove her per­for­mance b. take time off to re­cover c. look for an­other job

8. part with

When his apart­ment build­ing banned pets, Ben didn’t want to part with his dog Snoopy, so he a. moved to an­other apart­ment b. gave Snoopy away c. got a cat as well

9. rip off

Paul felt he’d been ripped off when the hos­pi­tal charged him RM150 to stitch up a small cut on his leg. He thought they’d charged him a. too little b. too much c. a fair amount

10. shut down

The com­pany’s man­ager de­cided to shut down a. the com­pany cars b. the of­fice party c. the fac­tory

11. tell off

Our boss told us off for a. not work­ing hard enough b. not be­ing lazy enough c. work­ing re­ally hard

12. come across (1)

He came across Life some let­ters while he was a. Life writ­ing is a them mix­ture of sun­shine and b. clear­ing out a

drawer c. search­ing ev­ery­where for


13. come across (2)

When you’re ap­ply­ing for a job, a lot de­pends on how you come across a. in the job in­ter­view b. with your qual­i­fi­ca­tions c. in your pre­vi­ous jobs

14. come around

Some friends are com­ing around a. to the beach with us b. to see my new kitchen c. to our new web­site

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