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FRANK works in a com­pany which has a very dif­fi­cult boss. There are a num­ber of rea­sons this boss is a royal pain. First and fore­most, he can’t be trusted to tell his em­ploy­ees the truth about any­thing. Like many cor­po­rate man­agers, the only thing that mat­ters to him is the bot­tom line. In fact, he’s kind of a car­i­ca­ture of the evil boss. He smokes cancer sticks, is full of hot air and works ev­ery­one’s butts off.

Here is just one ex­am­ple of his be­hav­iour: The other day the boss came into the room shout­ing that there was a bud­get crunch. Ev­ery­one was up to their necks try­ing to get the book­keep­ing done for the month. In fact, my friend Frank was a bas­ket case.

He had been up all night try­ing to make sure ev­ery­thing was ready on time. He knew the boss would put the heat on him for the book­keep­ing and he wanted to be ahead of the game. Sure enough, as soon as the boss walked in he blew his lid and started to shout at ev­ery­one. It was soon clear Frank was go­ing to be in the hot seat no mat­ter how well he had pre­pared the book­keep­ing.

Even though it was clear that the boss was full of hot air, Frank did his best to not lose his cool. He re­sponded calmly to each ques­tion. He thought he couldn’t catch hell for hav­ing done the job right. Un­for­tu­nately, he was wrong.

In fact, he had ac­tu­ally shot him­self in the foot be­cause he hadn’t hid­den some of the costs. The boss tried to prom­ise all kinds of things if Frank would only change the num­bers a little bit. Luck­ily, Frank knew his boss was full of hot air and re­fused to change the num­bers. He had been yanked around of­ten enough by his boss and, in the end, the re­sult was al­ways the same: What­ever went wrong was Frank’s fault. Even­tu­ally, his boss left him in peace.

I feel bad for Frank be­cause there’s re­ally no so­lu­tion to this sit­u­a­tion un­less the boss gets fired. How­ever, his boss is the owner’s son-in­law, so there is little chance of his get­ting fired. I think Frank should look for a new job, but he says all bosses are the same. I hope things get bet­ter for him soon.

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