The Leg­end of the Leaves

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The palace shone with gold and bronze stat­ues, de­pict­ing the gods them­selves.

“We must have that palace to our­selves,” said the hu­man leader, Sarah. “We will drive the gods out of the palace and live in it. We shall climb the vol­cano. As­sem­ble the War­riors!”

Peo­ple rushed off to gather the War­riors, the strong­est men and women in the colony.

Sarah and the War­riors climbed the steep vol­cano to the god’s palace.

Sheg­gera, the el­dest god, spot­ted them com­ing be­fore they were even half­way up the vol­cano.

She shouted to the other gods: “The hu­mans are com­ing to at­tack us!”

The gods rushed into the room.

“You are right, Sheg­gera. They have come to at­tack us. My son was right. We must take away what we have given them,” Civer­ous spoke up. “If they at­tack us, we will fight back.”

And the hu­mans did at­tack.

And the gods did fight back.

A great war be­gan, gods on one side, hu­mans on the other.

It waged on for many years un­til the gods came to a de­ci­sion.

“We shall use the last of our strength to drive them down the vol­cano. At what­ever costs,” Al­le­gro, the wis­est of the gods, said in a set tone.

“Aye!” said all the gods in unity.

“It is de­cided then,” said Sheg­gera. “We will drive them down the vol­cano!”

And so the gods used the last of their strength. They piled it to­gether and strained and sweat.

The vol­cano shud­dered with power as hot lava started to come to­gether into a big glob.

The hu­man army stopped and stared at the lava spilling over the side of the vol­cano, head­ing straight for them. They screamed, dropped their weapons, and bolted down the vol­cano.

Civer­ous yelled af­ter them: “Be­cause of your ig­no­rance, we shall take away what we have given to you. Once a year, we will take away your great­est re­source—leaves! And in that time, you will be with­out clothes, with­out shel­ter! This was caused by you!”

The hu­mans re­treated down the vol­cano and never set foot there again.

The gods, how­ever, died at the top of the vol­cano that day, hav­ing used up all of their re­main­ing strength.

And so it is that ev­ery year, in the cold­est days, trees lose their leaves. And so it is that the gods are no more.

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