Beliefs and opin­ions

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A. Verbs con­nected with beliefs and opin­ions

You prob­a­bly al­ready know think and be­lieve; here are more.

I’m con­vinced we’ve met be­fore. (very strong feel­ing that you’re right)

I’ve al­ways held that com­pul­sory ed­u­ca­tion is a waste of time. (used for very firm beliefs; main­tain could be used here).

She main­tains that we’re re­lated, but I’m not con­vinced. (in­sist on be­liev­ing.)

I feel she shouldn’t be forced to do the job. (strong per­sonal opin­ion)

I reckon they’ll get mar­ried soon. (in­for­mal, usu­ally an opin­ion about what is likely to hap­pen/to be true)

I doubt we’ll ever see to­tal world peace. (don’t be­lieve)

I sus­pect a lot of peo­ple never even think about pol­lu­tion when they’re driv­ing their own car. (have a strong feel­ing about some­thing neg­a­tive)

B. Phrases for ex­press­ing opin­ion

In my view/in my opin­ion, we haven’t made any progress.

She’s made a big mis­take, to my mind. (fairly in­for­mal)

If you ask me, he ought to change his job. (in­for­mal) Note how point of view, is used in English: From a teacher’s point of view, the new ex­am­i­na­tions are a dis­as­ter. (how teach­ers see things, or are af­fected)

C. Prepo­si­tions used with be­lief and opin­ion words

Do you be­lieve in God?

What are your views on divorce? What do you think of the new boss? I’m in favour of the death sen­tence. Are you for or against the death sen­tence? I have my doubts about this plan.

D. Beliefs, ide­olo­gies, philoso­phies, con­vic­tions

If you would rather or­gan­ise th­ese words dif­fer­ently or can add more ex­am­ples, do so; it will prob­a­bly help you to re­mem­ber the words bet­ter.

beliefs ide­olo­gies philoso­phies con­vic­tions left-/right-wing in­tel­lec­tual per­sonal re­li­gious moral so­cial­ist con­ser­va­tive Dar­win­ist veg­e­tar­ian Mus­lim paci­fist

(E.) Some ad­jec­tives for de­scrib­ing peo­ple’s beliefs and views, in pairs of sim­i­lar, but not the same, mean­ing.

fa­nat­i­cal/ob­ses­sive mid­dle-of-the road/mod­er­ate ec­cen­tric/odd ded­i­cated/com­mit­ted con­ser­va­tive/tra­di­tional firm/strong

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