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WHEN the dailies went to town about the al­ter­ations made to the fi­nan­cial re­port on 1MDB, they chose to write "charged with tam­per­ing the re­port".

The cor­rect gram­mar is "tam­per­ing with". The for­mer pre­mier was charged with tam­per­ing with the fi­nan­cial re­port.

If un­clear on this, choose the sim­pler word "al­ter". He was charged with al­ter­ing the fi­nan­cial re­port.

WANT THAT . . . SHOULD/WANT . . . TO When some­one wants some­one else to do some­thing, the ex­pres­sion is not “she wants that you should do it” but “she wants you to do it.”

Sim­i­larly, it’s “I want you to do it,” “we want you to do it,” etc.

WARMONGERER/WARMONGER “Monger” is a very old word for “dealer.” An iron­mon­ger sells metal or hard­ware, and a fish­mon­ger sells fish. War­mon­gers do not lit­er­ally sell wars, but they ad­vo­cate and pro­mote them. For some rea­son lots of peo­ple tack an un­needed ex­tra “-er” onto the end of this word. Why would you say “mon­gerer” when you don’t say “deal­erer”?

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