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1. bring about

The new man­ager wants to bring about changes be­cause he thinks the com­pany has been run a. very well b. very smoothly c. very poorly

2. bring back (1)

Af­ter you’ve trav­elled around China, will you bring back a. by plane? b. some sou­venirs? c. home again?

3. bring back (2)

See­ing pic­tures of her with her fa­ther brought back lots of a. tears b. old mem­o­ries c. el­derly rel­a­tives

4. bring for­ward

The con­fer­ence has been brought for­ward a week. It was go­ing to be on Jan 10, but now it’ll be on a. Jan 3 b. Jan 15 c. Jan17

5. bring off

Ev­ery­one thought Si­mone would lose the game, and then she brought off a. a big loss b. a great vic­tory c. a weak ef­fort 6. bring on

If I drink warm beer, it brings on a. a heart at­tack b. a headache c. a brain wave

7. bring out (1)

When will your com­pany be bring­ing out a. your new head­quar­ters? b. your new prod­uct line? c. your new man­ager?

8. bring out (2)

The rea­son we are such good friends is that we bring out the a. best in each other b. worst in each other c. faults in each other

9. bring up (1)

Priyanka and Jonas have just been mar­ried, and they’re al­ready read­ing books on how to bring up a. their fu­ture chil­dren b. their in­come c. their new house

10. bring up (2)

While she was in the meet­ing, Judy brought up a. her pro­posal b. her hand­bag c. her break­fast

11. fall apart

You’ll know that a book is fall­ing apart if you can see a. its pages com­ing loose b. its sales aren’t good c. it’s not well-writ­ten

12. fall back on Life

Af­ter Life ishisa band mix­ture broke of sun­shine up and his and ca­reer in mu­sic ended, John had to fall back on a. his ac­count­ing de­gree b. a hol­i­day in Europe c. his hob­bies

13. fall be­hind

All the other teams are fall­ing be­hind Manch­ester United in the ta­ble, so Manch­ester United look like a. win­ning the ti­tle b. los­ing the ti­tle c. find­ing the ti­tle

14. fall for (1)

If you fall for a scam that prom­ises you mil­lions of dol­lars if you help some­one move money out of an­other coun­try through your bank ac­count, you will a. make lots of money b. lose lots of money c. save lots of money

15. fall for (2)

Brian fell for the girl next door, so he a. went to hos­pi­tal b. shouted at her c. mar­ried her

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