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1. Janet in­vited Sarah to go for a hike in the hills to (re­lease sur­plus en­ergy through in­tense phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity). a) whis­per sweet noth­ings b) tear their hair out c) let off steam.

2. The teacher told Ken­neth not to get (be­come very an­gry, ex­cited) over the post­poned exam. a) on ten­der­hooks b) steamed up c) in a stew

3. When pre­par­ing the guest list, Lisa (be­came wor­ried and ag­i­tated) over who to in­vite for the wed­ding re­cep­tion. a) was on ten­der­hooks b) got into a stew c) was tear­ing her hair out

4. The box­ers in the ring were (in a state of anx­ious sus­pense) while the judges de­lib­er­ated over the ver­dict. a) kept on ten­ter­hooks b) tear­ing their hair out c) in a stew

5. The of­fer of sub­sidised hous­ing (brought great re­lief be­cause a prob­lem had been solved) Ed­ward’s mind. a) struck a raw nerve in b) took a load off c) steamed up

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