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1. a stroke of luck

2. a shower of rain

3. an ar­ti­cle of cloth­ing

4. a lump of coal

5. a flash of light­ning

6. a blade of grass

7. an item of news

8. a rum­ble of thun­der

II) 1. My mother gave me a piece of ad­vice which

I have al­ways re­mem­bered.

2. Sud­denly a gust of wind al­most blew him off his feet.

3. We had a spell of ter­ri­bly windy weather last win­ter.

4. Would you like an­other slice of toast?

5. He never does a stroke of work in the house.

6. Let’s go into the gar­den – I need a breath of fresh air.

7. I can give you an im­por­tant bit of in­for­ma­tion about that.

8. We could see a cloud of smoke hov­er­ing over the city from a long way away.

9. There is an in­ter­est­ing new piece of equip­ment in that cat­a­logue.

10. I need to get some pieces of fur­ni­ture for my flat.

III) 1. emer­gency

2. health

3. dis­re­pair

4. un­cer­tainty

5. poverty

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