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– something very old that doesn’t exist anymore Do you like to learn ancient history?

I saw some coins that were 3000 years old. They were ancient coins.

Do you know anything about ancient Greece?

Latin is an ancient language. Latin is not spoken anymore.

I heard in ancient times people did not take a bath.

– something very bad This food is awful?

This is an awful book.

The color of the room is awful. The flight was awful.

I got a new phone, but it is awful. The movie was awful.

– it is breakfast and lunch together Do you want to go out for brunch?

We like to wake up late on Sunday. We always have a big brunch. I never have time to eat breakfast, so I usually just have brunch. They are going to eat brunch, and than they are going to go on a trip.

- an illness or disease that lasts a long time or is permanent

My mother has a chronic lung disese.

Do you have any chronic illness?

There are many older people with chronic illness. My donkey has chronic pain in his leg. I give my donkey medicine everyday.

There are many illness that are chronic. – someone in a bad mood My father is crabby today. I am going to stay away from him. My dog is never crabby. My dog has a great personalit­y. My teacher is never crabby. I have a great teacher. The people next door are crabby today.

I am in a crabby mood today. I don’t know why.

- to protect someone or something My dogs always defend me.

A mother will always defend their children. I always try to defend my little sister. The army defends the country.

The police defend the city.

- means to remove a friend from your social media list; to take someone off your friends list

I defriended a lot of people from my friends list.

My sister was upset with me, so she defriend me from her friends list.

We don’t like to defriend people, but I don’t always have a choice.

The class was not allowed to defriend their teacher.

What is the best way to unfriend someone?

Mary has close to 5000 friends on her friends list. I think she needs to unfriend some of the people.

I was upset when I saw my friend unfriend me!!!

Did you ever unfriend someone when you were upset with them?

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