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Move heaven and earth


Worth its weight in gold If someone or something is worth its weight in gold, they’re of high value.

The new hire is worth her weight in gold. She has helped us land three big deals this quarter.

Go against the grain If an idea or action goes against the grain, you don’t do it or accept it because it is against your beliefs or principle.

It goes against the grain these days to use polythene bags as carry bags.

Jump the gun To do something too soon without proper thought

I jumped the gun by sending the proposal to the client without first showing it to my manager.

Stick to your guns If you stick to your guns in the face of opposition, you stand firm.

Despite opposition from his family, he has stuck to his guns in picking his career path.

Let one’s hair down To be relaxed and behave informally

Over tea on Sunday, he finally let his hair down and talked about his hobbies and family.

Hand in glove If you work hand in glove with someone, you work closely with them often to accomplish something dishonest.

Example: Some of the bank employees have been allegedly working hand in glove with business owners to sanction loans without proper due diligence.

Look for needle in a haystack Looking for something small in a pile of other things or a vast area The gem in my ring fell somewhere on my way to home. Finding it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Wear your heart on your sleeve If you wear your heart on your sleeve, you express your sentiments too openly.

Wearing your heart on your sleeve can backfire at workplace because you may be seen unprofessi­onal.

Move heaven and earth Make supreme effort

I’ll move heaven and earth to finish in top 10 percentile in the exam.

Hit the bottle To drink alcohol to excess

He doesn’t hit the bottle often, but when he does, he can be nasty.

Hit the book To study

I need to hit the book today or else I’ll fall behind in my exam prep.

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