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I can do it myself


“I can help with the snack,” said Josh. He pulled carrots and dip from the refrigerat­or.

“Great,” Mom said. “Let me get a plate.”

Josh ran ahead of her. “I can do that too.”

Josh ate his carrots and dip. He drank his milk. Then he took his dishes to the sink all by himself. “Would you like to play in the backyard?” Mom asked.

“Let me get my shoes,” Josh said.

Josh’s new shoes had laces. “I can tie them myself,” he said.

Josh pulled, tugged, and twisted the laces. They twisted into a knot.

Josh frowned.

“I have an idea,” said Mom. “Why don’t I show you on my own shoes?” She showed Josh how to cross his laces, make a knot, and make a loop.

Now came the tricky part.

Josh bit his lip. He found the hole under the loop. He slid the lace inside the hole. He pulled the two loops. “I did it!”

“Would you like me to show you again for your other shoe?” Mom asked.

“No thanks,” Josh said. “I can do it myself.”

1. Who are the two main characters?

2. What did Josh eat and drink?

3. Why did Josh need to put on his shoes?

4. What did Mom do? a. She tied Josh’s shoe laces. b. She made a snack for Josh. Lily couldn’t wait. In a minute Mom would come in and read her a bedtime story!

Lily put a book on her chair.

She put Monkey and Bear on her bed. Then Lily got into bed between Monkey and Bear.

Mom came into the room.

She picked up the book and sat in the chair. “Ooo,” said Mom.

“I like this book.”

Lily smiled. “Monkey and Bear like it, too,” She rested her head on her pillow.

Mom read the first few pages.

Lily giggled. “Guess what, Mom? You have read Monkey to sleep.”

Mom read more of the book.

Lily giggled again. “Now you have read Bear to sleep.”

Mom finished reading the book.

This time, Lily didn’t giggle. She didn’t talk either. Mom had read Lily asleep!

“Sweet dreams,” Mom said, kissing Lily goodnight. 1. What time of the day does the story take place? a. dinner time b. bath time c. bedtime d. play time

2. Who listens to the story that Mom is reading? a. Lily b. Monkey c. Bear d. Lily, Monkey, and Bear

3. What happens after Mom reads the first few pages?

4. What happens after Mom reads more of the book?

5. At the end of the story, why is Lily quiet when Mom finishes the book?

Match the words from the story with their meanings.

1. minute

2. giggle

3. pillow a. an object you sit on b. thoughts you have when

you are sleeping c. laugh

4. chair

5. dreams

6. between d. in the middle e. sixty seconds f. what you lay your

head onwhen you sleep

on sit you object an a.

sleep you when on head your lay you what f. their middle the in d. sleeping are you when have you thoughts b.

giggle 2. minute 1. meanings. with story the from words the Match

laugh c. seconds sixty e. between 6. dreams 5. chair 4. pillow 3.

sleeping. is Lily 5. sleep. to went Bear says Lily 4. sleep. to went Monkey says Lily 3. Bear and Monkey, Lily, d. 2. bedtime c. 1.

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