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The perfect birthday present


Toby stared in awe at the commercial for the new Super Robotoman. It was half man, half machine and could transform into an airplane, a submarine, and a racecar. It could fly, swim underwater, and even do karate. Super Robotoman was the ultimate superhero action figure.

“Dad! Look!” Toby pointed to the television screen. “That’s what I want for my birthday. Can I get one? Please!”

“We’ll see,” Dad said. “Your birthday is only two weeks away. New toys like this can be hard to find sometimes.”

“Hard to find? But it’s on T.V.”

Dad laughed. “That’s what will make it difficult to find. Everyone will be looking to buy it.”

Everyone? Toby thought. Well then he’d tell everyone that he wanted the Super Robotoman. Someone would be able to find it then, right?

Before bed, Toby called both sets of grandparen­ts and told them all about the Super Robotoman. Then he added a note at the bottom of each party invitation so all his friends would know he wanted the Super Robotoman. He passed them out at school the next day.

For two weeks, all he talked about was the Super Robotoman and all the cool things it could do. His friends and family nodded and smiled as Toby went on and on about how it was the perfect birthday present.

Toby was so excited he could barely sleep the night before the party. He woke up early and helped his parents set up. Mom had bought Super Robotoman decoration­s, including a piñata. Toby thought they were great, but what if he didn’t get the action figure? His birthday would be ruined.

As the guests arrived, Toby took the presents and placed them on the gift table. He studied each package, giving it a good shake to see if he could figure out if one contained the Super Robotoman. His parents made him wait until after the cake and the piñata to open his gifts. The party was a blur as Toby stared at the pile of presents.

Finally it was gift time. Toby ripped opened the first present. “Super Robotoman!” Toby was ecstatic, but everyone else looked worried. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

Dad handed him a box. “I think you should open another present.”

Toby opened it. “Another Super Robotoman?” His father handed him more boxes. Each one contained a Super Robotoman. Toby stared at the pile of action figures and laughed. “I guess I got what I asked for.” He handed an action figure to each of his friends. “Now we all have one. Let’s go try them out.” “You’re not upset?” Mom asked.

Toby shrugged. “Why would I be? I got what I wanted, and now all my friends have one too. It was the perfect birthday.”

1. Name six things Super Robotoman could do.

2. How did Toby’s friends and family react when he

told them all about Super Robotoman? a. They told him to stop talking about it so much. b. They told him he probably wouldn’t get it for his

birthday. c. They ignored him. d. They listened politely.

3. Place these events in chronologi­cal order. Write 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th on each line.

Toby told his dad what he wanted for his birthday.

Toby helped his mom set up for the birthday party.

Toby saw a commercial on T.V. for Super Robotoman.

Toby called his grandparen­ts to tell them what he wanted for his birthday.

Toby passed out birthday party invitation­s to his friends at school.

Toby’s guests arrived at the party.

4. What unusual thing happened when Toby opened his presents?

5. Write another appropriat­e title for this story.

Fill in the missing letters to create a word from the story. Then, write the full word on the line. Be sure you spell eachword correctly.

1. ___ ___ b ___ a r ___ ___ ___ hint: a vehicle that travels underwater 2. ___ ___ a ___ d ___ a ___ e n ___ s hint: your parent’s parents

3. ___ a ___ a ___ e hint: Japanese art of self defence

4. ___ ___ ___ n ___ f ___ r ___ hint: change from one thing to another

5. ___ i ___ a ___ ___ hint: toy containing candy that is hit with a stick

6. ___ ___ s t ___ t ___ ___ hint: really, really happy

Choose the word(s) closest in meaning to the underlined word(s).

Exercise 1

The night was dark and cold. Hank waited for everyone to be asleep first. It was (1) approachin­g midnight. This was his chance to (2) sneak out into the shed. With much difficulty, he (3) hoisted the ladder up. He then (4) leant it against the wall. It was short of a rung. However, he had little choice but to climb it. He just had to get back into the attic.

Hank had to check things out for himself. Max should have known that this was (5) inevitable when he broke the news to Hank. If Hank did not investigat­e further, this matter would consume him and he would not be able to focus on anything else.

1. A bordering B converging C coming close to D surroundin­g

2. A slip B stalk C prowl D hurtle

3. A lifted B swung C hooked D elevated

4. A raised B pitched

C attached D balanced

5. A fated B obvious C destined D unavoidabl­e

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 ??  ??

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