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Anti-racist rally in Florence after Senegalese man shot


ROME: Thousands of people turned out Saturday for an antiracist march in the central Italian city of Florence in memory of a Senegalese man shot dead by a pensioner.

Idy Diene, a legally resident street vendor aged 54, was gunned down today by a 65-year-old man who said he chose his victim at random after going out intent on killing himself and leaving behind a suicide note for his family.

A peaceful throng of Italians joined members of Senegalese local associatio­ns in Santa Maria Novella square in Florence’s historic centre for the rally.

Some brandished banners with slogans such as ‘Idy was a man of peace,’ and ‘Florence antifascis­t.’

Some placards also read “Nardella, you are the true disgrace. Clean the city of racism,” in allusion to leftist mayor Dario Nardella.

Nardella, who attended the rally, caused consternat­ion after tweeting that some members of the Senegalese community had engaged a ‘violent protest’ following their compatriot’s death.

Some municipal flower pots were kicked over and broken.

Senegalese associatio­ns have in recent days raised money to repair the damage as part of wider fundraisin­g efforts for the family of Diene, who leaves behind a partner and a daughter.

Florence also saw the killing of two Senegalese street vendors in 2011 by a far-right activist. —AFP

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