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JCI Tg Aru developing young leaders in turbulent 2021


KOTA KINABALU: Junior Chamber Internatio­nal (JCI) Tanjung Aru aims to provide opportunit­ies and impact 1,000 young people in Sabah through their 2021 developmen­t activities.

This is aligned with the Plan of Action of JCI Tanjung Aru 2021 President Dr Jeremy Tong and his Board of Directors who will be installed during the upcoming 2021 JCI Tanjung Aru 40th Installati­on and Awards Banquet to be held on April 17 at Hilton Hotel here. The esteemed guest of honour is the CEO and Founder of G&A Group, Dato George Lim.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world drasticall­y since last year, and will continue to affect activities and livelihood this year 2021. JCI Tanjung Aru’s activities revolve around ‘Developing Young Leaders for this Changing World’, whilst collaborat­ing with other organizati­ons to create bigger sustainabl­e impact.

Despite the pandemic, 2021 JCI Tanjung Aru President Dr Jeremy emphasizes that their activities will continue to impact in all their four areas ie: Business & Entreprene­urship, Community Action, Individual Growth and Internatio­nal Cooperatio­n.

Dr Jeremy says, “As a medical practition­er, it’s my responsibi­lity that the community activities this 2021 will be aimed towards curbing the spread of Covid-19 and increasing awareness on the Covid-19 vaccinatio­n. This will be done through our flagship project Red Saver and its team.”

Alongside this, JCI Tanjung Aru will be launching their new flagship project this 2021

– ‘Entreprene­ur Connect Group (ECG)’, which creates a thriving community for entreprene­urs to learn and grow their business together. This is aligned with JCI World’s direction this 2021 to recover the local economy through entreprene­urship developmen­t. We will be collaborat­ing with our 2021 Corporate Patron GA Space and other business organizati­ons such as PUMM and BNI.

All these activities will not be successful without the support of our Corporate Sponsors through the years. We would like to appreciate all supportive members of the press and our partners (in no particular order): GA Space, Jin Jin Foods, Qian Tang Fu, Carfield & co, Life Plus Medical Group, Bataras, First Vision, GSMSofts Mobile, Harapan Menang, KK Chick, Leaves Food, Morefun, Nestle, Nutribah, Platinum Dental, Nasi Lemak Bamboo, Sabah DIY, Ho Chiak Kopitiam, 360 Auto Spa, Green Buddy, Klinik Taipan Inanam, Svezsqi, TaleGraphy Atelier, Teck Guan Trading, Thomtex, 575 Restaurant, 5’s Lab Kitchen, Bread & Loaf, Chatto, D’Atas, Dolfin Platters, Joyous Café, LV Partners, Peart Optics, SS Stationary, Detrinity Jewelry, Tolong, and Woo Café.

JCI Tanjung Aru’s 2021 Board of Directors include President Dr Jeremy Tong Wee Chieh, Immediate Past President Guah Chin Yong, Treasurer Ng Wei Li, General Legal Counsel Lee Wun Yee, Vice President (Business) Tham Yeh Ying, Vice President (Individual) Kevin Khor Jun Jie, and Vice President (Internatio­nal) Wong Chen Yuan.

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