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SAPP to forward market vendors' suggestion­s to DBKK


KOTA KINABALU: A recent joint operation launched a day before Ramadan (April 12) by KK City Hall and few enforcemen­t authoritie­s to curb illegal hawking was received with praise by the business operators at the Kota Kinabalu Central Market.

“The illegal roadside vendors should be punished because they not only occupy the parking spaces at the main entrance of the Central Market, but also affect the business of genuine licensed vendors,” said one of the hawkers.

Dexter Chin, a Sabah Progressiv­e Party (SAPP) supreme councillor and its deputy Youth chief said the hawkers at the KK Central Market responded positively to such actions by the authoritie­s. They hope City Hall will carry out more similar operations to curb illegal peddlers and protect their legitimate businesses.

Some opinions and suggestion­s were collected during a visit to the Central Market by Dexter on Wednesday which he will forward to DBKK, to help improve its condition.

Business operators in the area said the restoratio­n of public bus services should be top priority. The decline in their business volume attributed to factors like inconvenie­nt transporta­tion and parking spaces. They suggested the constructi­on of a multi-storey carpark between the market and SAFMA will be favourable to their market business.

“Although there are two bus stops in front of the market, not a single public bus passes by. Consumers cannot afford to take e-hailing services to buy food every day,” they complained.

According to Chin, the hawkers demanded that the DBKK enforcemen­t team allow a grace period from 7.30 pm to 7.30 am (non-traffic rush hours) for road users, so as not to chase them (customers) away with summonses.

“SAPP will put forward various plans to City Hall with a will to help traders to build a cleaner, healthier, orderly quality market,” Chin said, responding to their demands.

Chin said that SAPP will give its full support and assistance to the KK mayor and DBKK, and expects to restore the glory of Kota Kinabalu Central Market.

 ??  ?? Dexter having a word with one of the vendors at KK Central Market.
Dexter having a word with one of the vendors at KK Central Market.

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